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Belkin 8-Outlet + 2x 2.4A USB Port Surge Protector, White/Grey $39.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Belkin Quality 2, 4 Amp USB Charging 8-Outlet Surge Protection Strip, White/Grey, (BSV804au2M) 43%off .looks good deal.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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              @jv: Except when you get put into the penalty box

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                @colaman: Geez guys he just did a mistake, doesn't amazon put referral links when you copy paste from the product page automatically? Stop being so toxic

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                    That's sad. 😞

                    How often do you get it?

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                    @Guybrush57: Are people who are trolls and a regular nuisance on here identified as protected species? Just wondering hmm

                    • @thousandsuns:

                      Just wondering hmm

                      When did they let you out?

                      • @jv: Pest…

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                          sticks & stones…

                          no go back in your hole……..

                          • @jv: You're funny…NOT hahahha

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                              You're funny…

                              Never claimed to be.

                              Not that you'd be able to tell the difference…

  • updated.

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    As long as you don’t mind a surfboard sized power board this is great value. Have 3 already.

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    $6 cheaper then Bunnings.

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      then Bunnings.

      when Bunnings?

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        Lol my mistake, cheaper than Bunnings.

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    @jv you’ve done it again lol

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    I paid $27 for 6-outlet 2.5 years ago and still in great condition.

  • Thanks, bought.

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    Ridiculously, impractically oversized powerboard.

    The family are presently sitting around my 6 port version, eating dinner…

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      Agreed! hilarious comment =)

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      I've donated mine to Federal Government and they had their National Crisis Cabinet meetings around this :)

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        Might as well have been at mine, nobody showed up but apparently they all claim they did and that things happened.

    • I bought this (https://www.bunnings.com.au/hpm-12-outlet-surge-protected-po...) one the other week because I could never seem to have enough ports…
      Suffice to say combined with my 8 port cyber power I think I should be sweet now :P

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      Ridiculously, impractically oversized powerboard.

      I bought two.

      Will use them to row to Tasmania over Xmas…

    • Nah I have multiple of these, very reliable. You are also paying for the "equipment protection"
      Yes it's large, not for every one.

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    "I bought it to tidy cables and to pop into a cable box. Its now taken over my entire living room. Every corner is too small to hide this thing. If you're after BIG then this is your board. Its no wall flower, although other reviews suggest you can wall mount. I guess treat it like modern abstract art…. you literally say wtf every time you look at it. It works a treat though, and considering the massive construction that it is, you'd hope it would power up the entire suburb if needed.."

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    As per previous deals, the Cyberpower version has a much higher surge protection rating - https://www.cyberpower.com/au/en/product/sku/CPSURGE08USB-AN...

    … and it's currently cheaper: https://www.amazon.com.au/CyberPower-Systems-CPSURGE08USB-AN...

    I've got 2 x 6-port Belkin ones that are full (USB ports are very handy!), was going to upgrade to the 8-port Belkin but I'll get the Cyberpower instead.

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      Sold by Harris Technology.

      No thanks.

      • Hmm, why? I bought a few from them, the product came just fine.

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          Unethical company that lies to it customers

      • Ordered mine from CentreCom for $28 C&C

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      The description says 27kg? 😅

  • Deal has expired.

    EDIT: Deal is back on. That was quick :S

  • This can't seriously be 21cm wide? the 6 port version says 14cm width and it visually appears the same?

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      I think it's describing the size of the box. This video review showing the UK version looks like it should be 14cm.

      • Thanks mate, I thought I was going nuts!

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      Not quite, but it is freakin' huge… and the outlet spacing is standard. You'd think with it being that size, they'd space them further apart, it just makes many of the plugs unusable if it's anything larger than a standard plug.

      • I've heard its huge and freaked out when i read 21cm haha. I have a cable harness / caddy under the table which is around 14cm in width. Luckily all the products i intend to use with it use the standard plug.

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    no more lifetime warranty?

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    Get wifi ones.
    These are getting outdated now

  • Can an existing owner please post actual product dimensions?

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    Why is so much space wasted around the switch and the outlets are so close together? What a rubbish design… Imho…

    • in the thumbnail it looks like a bad Halloween costume

  • Genuine question here. Is surge protection for this more of a gimmick especially when my TV and receive all have the 2 pin plugs? Unless I am missing, something they do not have the bigger grounding pin.

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    Bunnings is now matching their price if you prefer pickup.

  • Price gone to 6x.xx no deal

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      Bunnings still have it on 39.99 now.

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        Thanks though the board still doesn't have individual on/off switch each plug….its 2021 not 2000s….

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