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WD 20TB My Cloud PR2100 NAS $842.18 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Be kind - post virgin here.
Looking a for a NAS and came across this at the Amazon Au Western Digital store.
Free delivery - around 3 weeks or get it in 3 days with Prime.
Everywhere else your will pay double the money. Static Ice has a best of $1,593.49.
Unfortunately I am sticking to looking for a 4 bay.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • This comes with 20tb?
    Awesome deal

    • +1

      I think 10tb each bay. So may not be a good idea.

      • Yeah, two drives is always awkward in a NAS. If you're storing stuff you don't mind losing (media?) then I guess it's a decent buy.

        • Sorry but I believe in a NAS it's quite important to have 2 RAID drives… Or do you mean that you need more??

          • +1

            @deedend: Not really - any malware, accidental delete, file corruption, ransomware, power surge, theft, fire, whatever, is going to toast your files on both drives at the same time.

            The only thing the 2 RAID drives helps with is single drive failure - it does absolutely nothing for the other 974,000 ways you can lose data.

            Good backups is 1000 times more important than mirrored RAID.

            • @Nom: So, what do you suggest? I was thinking to buy one for here, and mirror it to another one that I'm going to buy and place in my house overseas, do you think it's a good idea? Or what do you suggest?

              • +1

                @deedend: You need multiple copies of your data in multiple places to be safe. But be careful with automated mirroring - because any data loss will also be mirrored !

                I have my data on my machines (first copy), backed up every so often to a server machine in my basement (second copy), and also backed up to separate hard drives which I store at my workplace in case my house burns down (third copy), and finally keep a cloud copy of the most important data (fourth copy).
                The server machine and the hard drives are powered off when they're not actively being used for backups.

                • @Nom: It seems a bit overkill for me… But it's a good tactic to protect my files. I'll might set up this way: most important data on nextcloud (hosted in Nederland); one NAS here at my house, a copy of the main files on a separate drive (small 2.5" portable one, where currently I have all my files), and another copy on another NAS overseas that will backup weekly. I might consider to keep the hard disk at my in-laws house, but it's 300kms from where I live and it would be difficult to do regular backup on that drive then. only when I go to Melbourne, around twice a year (hopefully even less)

              • +2

                @deedend: Also look at Backblaze for a cheap cloud copy -

          • @deedend: I did mean more. With 2 drives you lose 50% is you want any safety. With 3 drives you lose 33.3% and with 4 drives you lose 25% if you're using parity.

  • Wow it’s got an Intel N3710 and not ARM. - not bad for the price!
    Was WD the one whose older generation devices suddenly wiped themselves?

    • They didn’t just wipe themselves, they had security exploits that were left unpatched and exploited.

      Worth noting that the devices were older and no longer being sold. That said, I had still being using mine and had to stop due to the security issues.

  • Actually model checked out WDBBCL0200JBK-NESN, it come with 20TB.

  • +1

    Looks like this entry level NAS at great price.
    2 x WD red 10tb worth $800+ already.

  • +2

    Good on you for sharing this even though you’re not interested in it
    True Ozbargainer +1 OP

  • Crazy deal. Won't last long

  • -8

    Do not trust WD, they will disable your support anytime.
    Negging because of their support disabling for BS reason of security instead its planned obsolescence.
    like happening with Wd mycloud devices right now that will no longer be supported by OS3

    Much much better to get a raspberry pi and do hosting yourself I will have to learn that eventually.

  • Goneskiiiiiiis

  • There's no mention of drives so the 20TB maybe refers to supported drive capacity. I've been limping for years on my WD MyCloud Mirror and I've even been able to run Plex off it, albeit just locally and installing on the NAS took a few tries. How easy is Plex with these later models? Is it worth shelling out that much more when the viewing device can maybe encode?

    • 2x10TB WD Reds. Look up model number. This is sold out. Won't be restocking at this price.

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