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ECOVACS Deebot T9+ Robot Vacuum $999 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


My first post and apologies for omissions/errors, if any. Looking at the previous posts, this seems to be a good price. All the other suppliers are still around $1,300.00.

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  • Thanks OP, great price! I posted a previous deal for $1196. Luckily they had no stock so I cancelled my order. Perfect timing, thanks.

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      Forgot to mention.. there could be possible Officeworks price beat that may bring it down to $949.00. Worth give it a try.

  • I saw this deal also - but can’t seem to find a comparison between the T9+ and the N8. Are they comparable?

    • There are comparisons between T8 and N8 online…I gather it is more the technology and suction power which differs…with N8 being better but with a shorter battery life…

      • Also, this incudes "air freshener spray" plus "extra vibration on mopping" which I believe are a new additions.

      • Yep, I saw the N8/T8 which was clearly won by N8 except for battery life.
        It sounds like they’ve beefed up the T9, guess I’ll find out when it arrives? 🤷

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      Main differences is the mop is improved in the T9+ and the suction power is 3000pa versus 2300pa in the N8.

      • Thanks - was under that impression so thanks for confirming

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    I got this from good guys for $955 2 weeks ago. Just waiting for stock. Had to get manager to proce beat.

    • *price

      • Any chance you can post a copy of your receipt?

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      thanks for post,it help me to get 955 at TGG

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    How does everyone compare or rate these types of units? There are deals in the past for other brands, I’m just struggling to understand how to compare and contrast these units and which one to buy. Any help is appreciated

    • Vacuum Wars youtube channel for all your robovac needs.

      Honestly the market still needs a heap of development and the cheapest xiaomi options are great

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        Apparently, Vacuum Wars does not have access to this model (I asked them to review it but they confirmed it's not available to there region as yet it seems which is a shame)…

        He definitely does some fantastic reviews and was also looking forward to seeing how this one compared but I think given the N8+ reviews he's done this should be a little better so for the price including dock I think it's a good unit…

  • I had bought the N8+ but the mopping function on this looks much better. Can get extra 15% if Godreys price match with an Amex

    • I would have settled on the N8+ but needed the more advanced object detection to avoid kids random things on the floor.

  • my local godfreys says no to pricematching.their best is 1100

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      I was superrrrr nice! He had to call his manager to allow it but he did. 15% back with AMEX ! So $850 all up

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        i just called them again and it was different this time. still hesitant but will call his area manager to get approval and let me know

  • Great price. Wife and I bought one during lockdown for $1200 and it's been amazing! Was tossing up between this and the Roborock S7+ however roborock hadn't released their auto empty docking station yet - It's since been released but it's $699!!! Kinda glad we went with the Deebot :)

  • Great price (esp with Godfrey's and 15% Amex), was initially going to bite on the N8+, but happy to pay a bit more for a better model.

    Goodguys dropped their price to 997 - https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/ecovacs-deebot-t9-plus-roboti...

  • Been playing around with this all morning, it's a really awesome machine. The avoidance is awesome, as is the mapping. The mopping is pretty good as well, I think daily it would be fine as mop and a quick "real" mop every 2 weeks. Well worth the $$.

    • May I know how long is the battery life? Does it start on timer, vacuum all areas and empty itself too? How big is the area it is covering?

  • Cheaper by a few dollars and with free shipping ($996.56) on the official Ecovacs store using code ECOVACS5 - https://www.ecovacs.com/au/deebot-robotic-vacuum-cleaner/t9-...

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      Harsh downvote man.

      • True to his name. Hard to convince ;)

  • If price is not the consideration, which Robot Vacuum is the best (efficiency of cleaning, battery life and mapping accuracy)? Can be upto $2K.

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    Thanks OP, Godfrey's price matched with JB and 15% back from AMEX >>> $850
    Very good price.

    • Which store did you price match if you don't mind tell? I went to Booragoon store and they don't accept the AMEX card.

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        You can call the 1800 number from godfreys website and ask for price matches.

        • Thank you. I am actually after roborock s7 negotiated to $1100 at Booragoon store but they don't accept amex.

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            @ssp88: I had similar situation. After reluctantly agree to price match, my local godfreys said no to amex. Called the number and paid with amex.

            • @svk: Thank you. Much helped 😀

  • How does it compare vs S7?

  • My local Godfrey’s price matched reluctantly….I guess it cuts into their profit…

  • Not sure about other stores, but for anyone's info: JB hi-fi gave me 2 years standard warranty + 2 more if you pay $119. On the website Goodguys had just 1 year standard warranty.

    Thanks OP for the post.

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    Thanks OP, managed to get Godfrey's to PM Good Guys and 15% back from amex.

    $847.45 to be exact

  • Hi all,


    One major issue with the Deebot is that the dust bin does not empty properly in most cases. I had to retrofix a solution using this youtube video.

    It now empties OK but small debris remains on one side

    ps. I don't own a pet but my wife has long hair which gets clogged

  • Guys everyone mentions about 15% Amex deal - would you mind to advise what is this deal? Thank you

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      Amex is currently offering a 15% credit on purchases at selected stores…one of which is Godfrey’s..It is listed as “15% on the gifts they will love”…check your Amex offers

  • Anyone with the T9+ can comment on the mopping if I can designate specific areas with rugs/carpets? I have a 2 x 3m carpet and a 1x1m tile which I'd like to avoid.. Would be good if i can set a no-go zone in the map in the same room?

    • yes you can create mopping no-go zones

      • thanks - does the vacuum automatically detect carpets/rugs and avoids them when it's mopping?

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  • This or the Roborock S7?

  • How does the mopping on this work if there's carpet between the hard floors? My understanding is if the mops on it wont cross carpet, and can't lift the mop up like the S7.

    • It detects carpet/rug and turns around/rotates back to the hard surface. It doesn't lift up like the S7.

  • Anyone have this That can comment? I'm thinking between this n8 pro or roborock s5 Max or s7

  • Ok so i bought this and it's soo damn sqeaky straight from the first use. My old Roborock was better. Not a great first impression!! Might take it back for a refund.

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    Coming from old roborock s5, i can tell that xiaomi home app is a lot easier to navigate. Less noisy than s5 (the auto dustbin scared the hell of my dog though).

    Suction is better, it picks up noticeable more dust and pet hair from the carpet and tiles even after s5 done the areas

    A lot smarter in avoiding object. My s5 just run over everything and tangled to cables - i am pretty sure other robot on the same range would do the same

    Managed to get the whole house map in one go. I was expecting many tries

    Haven't try the mop so can't comment on it

    In overall still too early to judge. I still have reservation on it. It is cheaper than s7 with dust bin. Wife is happy (for now) so I'm good

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    Anyone that got this can comment on the mop function vs a dedicated mop like the Roomba Jet m6?

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