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Pampers Baby-Dry Nappies Size 3/4/5 Monthly Supply (144-198) $40.80 ($34.68 Prime Subscribe and Save) @ Amazon

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  • Compare to huggies which better

    • Huggies is the best for us. Ultimate (at least til size 2), then we changed to ultra dry as it's cheaper but still good. But go ultimate all the way if you have the $

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      I prefer huggies. Pampers is alot thinner

  • Recent reviews for these are horrible. I also had a sample from when Amazon did the baby box and it gave my daughter a really bad nappy rash. YMMV of course but I don't think these are as premium as what they used to be

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      We had the opposite experience, we had been using Huggies and had a batch that seemed to be the cause a rash on our little one. We switched to Kirkland (which were great but Costco stopped importing them) and made the move to Pampers.

      Haven’t had any issues with Pampers, they seem a lot thinner and less bulky but haven’t had any leaks! I bought a bunch yesterday as we have a new little one arriving in a few weeks. (I’ve only bought the ultra in smaller sizes, the baby dry and the pull-ups in the larger sizes)

      I recommend them, and they don’t get this cheap often. I my view way better than Huggies.

  • Don't get this one. It's from Germany, not Japan. The Japan one is 1000% better in terms of fabric quality and water absorption

  • Pampers Premium Protection is on sale for a few dollars more but in smaller packs. Haven't used this brand so don't know what the quality difference is between the two. Smaller packs of Baby-Dry also on sale.

    Pampers Premium Protection - $11.73 (Subscribe and Save)
    Size 2 x 52 | Size 3 x 48

    Pampers Baby-Dry - $10.20 (Subscribe and Save)
    Size 3 x 52 | Size 4 x 46 | Size 5 x 40 | Size 6 x 34

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    Nappies are so dependent on the child so everyone's experiences may vary.

    For my first born, I've been using Pampers on Amazon subscribe and save for 2 years now. I actually tried pretty much every nappy available in our supermarkets and chemists and always had bad leaks and/or rash issues. The only other decent one for my boy was Aldi before they changed manufacturers.
    Huggies not only leaked for him but also gave him bad rashes.

    Now for my second boy, he's been doing well on Huggies so no need for Pampers yet.

    Amazon subscribe and save is awesome for babies and kids, convenient and quite often cheaper.


    I will add that both my boys are big units, 97th percentile from birth until now but that alone doesn't mean anything. It must be more to do with body shape and maybe how they move around/fidget and or tamper with the nappy.

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