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Google Nest Mini $39, Chromecast 3 $49 Delivered & More @ Google Store


Most deals are slightly disappointing, in my opinion:

Most deals with some exceptions valid until 1st January 2022.

Chromecast $49
Nest Hub (2nd Gen) $79
Buy Pixel 6, get Pixel Buds A-Series 50% off
Nest Hub Max $249
Nest Router and 2 Points for $399
Nest Mini $39

Some people prefer to buy from Google themselves, hence I've posted this even if the deals aren't as exciting as they thought (hoped?) they might be.

Feel free to add if you find any other deals (especially any great ones)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Pity nothing for the Door Bell

    • yep - appears to be no special deal for pixel 6 or 6 pro alone, nest doorbell or nest cameras at the moment

      • Unpopular products or old stock usually are on sale. The actual popular products don't need to be on sale and people might still buy

        You wait til the current product is no longer hot item

  • +2

    I am beyond disappointed.

  • +4

    “This Black Friday, treat yourself.”

    “Good things come to those who don't wait. Shop some of our best deals of the year.”

    You gotta be kiddin’…how are Google customers meant to treat themselves with sh!tty deals

  • Google must be satisfied they're in enough homes now if freebies / $20 google homes are a thing of the past…

    • You got most of you with that Google TV + Netflix deal don't need anymore I think

  • +1

    I wonder why the Nest Audio isn't on sale?

    • +1

      Ask google….

    • "Sorry I don't know that one", "Ask Siri or Alexa or Cortana maybe

  • +1

    Positive is less purchases of future e-waste

  • And I thought it was the Chromecast with Google TV 😔

  • +3

    Pathetic. In the us the Pixel 6 is $499 for Black Friday and they feed us with that crap

    • +3

      Agree. A quick currency conversion prices the pixel 6 at ~690 Aud. 999 - 690 = $390 "Australian consumer markup"

    • +2

      Wow. Now AU$699 would be an incredible deal.

      • I mean it was $738 AUD on pre-release.

        • SIM free?

          • +2

            @Techie4066: Sim free but you have to accept $192.9 as Google shop credit.

            Pixel 6 for $999 - $70 coupon = 929; - 10% Google One credit = $836.1; +$100 credit for preorder = $736.1

            Edit: Which is why we're probably seeing such shit Black Friday deals, because a bunch of Pixel owners are sitting on ~$200 store credit.

            • @TogTogTogTog: Still not that great a deal if you have nothing else to buy from Google. I'd like a no frills, simple discount.

              • +1

                @Techie4066: Yeah, the best you can get is $70 off. After that is all cashback/credit. Thankfully, the Mini and Hub are decently priced, granted it's no Bunnings $19 Mini, it's $36 on the store.

    • You are kidding if you think Australia is a market for them in the first place. We are third class and dump old technology to

      • Yes because we accept everything. If we boycott a brand because of that, they would quickly change their approach

  • The nest hub at $79 seems ok

    • I just redeemed 50% discount Telstra Plus points to redeem for this very item !!

  • i still have the 25 voucher oh well, keep it till xmas (reminder guys, exp 31 dec 2021)

    • How do you get the $25 voucher?

      • targetted offer, they sent to email. if you dont get it then bad luck

    • Ditto, I still have my $25 voucher too.

      Considering the nest mini is now $39 (rrp $79), I tried to use the $25 voucher on it, but it reverts the price back up to $79 before discounting $25, i.e. $54.

      Since the $25 voucher effectively only allows discount of RRP and revokes any existing discounts, it is quite pointless.

      I reckon a good time to use it might've been for the Pixel 6 (Pro) (pre)orders.

      • It's also hilarious that if you add two minis Google converts the deal to a "Save on Audio Anywhere Package -A$17.00".

        So rather than charging you $78 for 2 minis, they charge $141.00.

  • A question for those with google home mini as well as nest mini. Can you get google home mini to call nest mini and vice versa ?

  • +1

    Considering Google had the Nest Minis at $30 a few months back (where I picked up 4 of them) this is hardly a BF deal.

    • +1

      Agreed, not a BF deal… More like a BS deal.

  • Very crap deals. Probably because the Pixel 6 preorder rewarded store credit.

    FYI: If you sign-up to Google One for $12/month you get 10% off. Only really a benefit if you're spending more than $120 though.

  • Apparently Google's sold out of Nest Hub Gen 2's in both colours.

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