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25% off Plex Pass Lifetime - A$119.99


Just got this email today, use code LIFETIMEOFCOMFORT to get 25% off Lifetime Plex Pass.

Code expires 23:59 UTC (= 10:00 AEST) on Tuesday 29th November 2021.

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    Plex will be gone in 2 years

    • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?

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        They've given up on user requests (x265 encoding so we can support more users, allow the server to set default quality rather than default to 720p and make me talk the user through changing it on their device that I've never seen), they've given up on fixing bugs (somebody linked to a pretty serious one on Reddit the other day that they've been "working on" for the last two years, and there was a serious security bug that took two and a bit years to fix) and are concentrating on becoming a z-grade cable company instead.

        When you install Plex it defaults to including 60+ z-tier cable streams that are not "on demand" - you have to wait until their scheduled broadcast time to watch two nobodies kick box each other in front of a webcam. They show up in search, too - and it doesn't look like you can remove them - so if you search for stuff it'll start showing you results from their two (two!) karaoke channels, and podcasts you haven't even heard of, much less subscribed to.

        TL, DR: They took a big chunk of money from some venture capital fund; and their customers are now their product.

        I hear good things about Emby and Jellyfin, though - both free.

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          You're not going to find an alternative which can run hardware-accelerated video codecs on something like a first generation fire stick. Boot those people from your Plex instance if they don't want to upgrade. If you're holding out for some type of magical codec to be invented to fix that issue, it aint going to happen. SSDP broadcasting isn't a security issue either and it's quite common, albite not every 10 seconds.

          • @Tyrx: As you upgrade your devices, the need for transcoding will eventually go away. The use case for Plex will soon disappear unless your lifetime pass also gives you premium access to their cable-like service.

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          This makes me very sad, I’ve found Plex to be nearly perfect for me and use it for everything on almost all my devices

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      Curious where that info's from Gimli?

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      It's not a problem, we still got Jellyfin and Emby.

      • Does any of them do hardware accelerated transcoding like plex pass?

        I am thinking also rather than spending 120 on plex pass because of hardware transcoding (for my DS920+), it's better to spend bit more to get better client device like Shield Pro (?).
        I dont need to be able to watch anywhere, just on living room tv..

        • +4

          List that compares Plex, Emby and Jellyfin features.

          • @Haliax: How accurate is this comparison

            Says Kodi has no client for Xbox when it is well known to be installable

            • @UsernameChecksIn: That's a good question, although we don't know if it's a mistake or if it's not included for a number of other reasons. So, I don't think we should condemn the whole list because of its omission.

        • Yes they can, only for many years now.

    • thx, was thinking of supporting the devs, have been using them for years (paid for android device streaming). with they dropping the ball, time to look at Kodi

  • Why does it want to set up recurring payments subscription on PayPal when it is a one-time purchase for the "lifetime"

    (Can the automatic payments be cancelled on the PayPal side without inadvertently disabling the Plex Pass features?)

    • +3

      they want you to be committed for multiple lifes 😊

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    Tossing between this and emby.
    Any conclusive recommendations?

    Need to implement on wd mycloud os3 device for which support is ending soon.

    Or just upgrade to a wd os5 mycloud? Will cost much more, around 350$ at best for 6tb. It will probably also run out of support in 2 to 3 years.

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      I have both installed and prefer Emby but use Plex for the Watch Together feature only. They're both easy to use but Plex is starting to clutter things a bit with their live TV options. I get a better vibe from the Emby devs…but both will work fine.

      • Thanks.
        Emby it is then

        • I think I like many of Plex features more but it does not natively support .nfo and I’ll be migrating from a Kodi setup to give remote access.

          Have people found Emby to work well with Kodi .nfo?

          And anyone tried hardware transcoding for 4K on a 920+?

          Does Emby ever go on sale like this current Plex sale?

          • +1

            @yacman: I'm pretty sure it uses the sme .nfo structure, I migrated years ago without issue.

            It goes on sale rarely, but it's the right time of year BF or maybe Cyber Monday.

    • Jellyfin instead of emby?

      • Seems a bit more limited from my research but if it has everything you need, then apparently its really good.

        There’s a comparison GitHub Haliax linked above to give you a good idea on the feature differences.

  • Given up on Plex and the lack of help from the Devs, moved to Emby and not looked back. Plex have lost their way and forgotten about it's core customer base, times have changed and the haven't.

    • The core customer base were using it for torrented files. Not much of an income stream from that market segment

      • Do you think Plex was selling movies and making a profit on all of them?

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    is there any vpn trick to get this even cheaper?

  • Using jellyfin, works brilliantly

    • Do you use it for the client too?

      • Yep. Alternatively accessible via any browser

        • I prefer Kodi as client so using Kodi Jellyfin plugin, but TBH that plugin is a little flaky.

  • Error: "There was an error creating the subscription: Selected country does not match Credit Card country"
    When paying with ANZ Black

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