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½ Price 4G Home Internet From $25/Month for First 12 Months (Existing Phone Plan Required) @ Vodafone


From there web site 4G Home Internet - Half price.
From $25/mth for the first 12 months when you have a phone plan with us. Hurry, offer ends 30/11.

Total min cost $240. Modem fees may apply. T&C apply.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Capped at 20mbps

    • where does it say that??

      • Oh that's for 4G home internet, I thought you meant 5G internet plan

  • max speed off-peak speeds 20mbps.

    • +5

      20mbps for some people is all they need.
      Remember not everyone has access to high speed internet.

      • It's pretty good for one person, but noticeably slow of there are 2 or more people using it at the same time.

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    And 5G Home Internet from $35

    • Unlimited data at Max 5G speed for $85 x 1/2 price is probably a better deal

      • +1

        Unfortunately, 5G Home Internet isn’t available in your area.

        You may be able to get a 4G Home Internet Plan.

    • Heck vodafone 5g is total sh*t, I am getting like 55 Mbps on 4G LTE, and like 20-30 Mbps on 5G on my phone (not 5G internet, but a 5G compatible phone, which has reached speeds of upto 350Mbps with optus near my area).

      Any clue guys in the 5G network speed going to improve in future?

      Update:- now somehow got upto 340Mbps on vodafone 5G network, may be peak time congestion still way better than NBN 50 for $50

  • Really interesting move by Voda to increase revenue from the 4G capacity now not being utilized, by its own customers migrating to 5G.
    Kinda-sorta follows in the footsteps of the Felix deal, which was rolled out just over a year ago. 20mbps speed, no long-term contract. [Ooops, silly me, Felix is for phones only…]
    Sour note for me though is the requirement to use the Vodafone modem. I have a perfectly good Huawei 4G modem sitting in my garage from the days when I had Optus 4G home internet.

  • Note: to get free modem, you need to stay connected for 24 months.

    The half price monthly plan fee is only for the first 12 months. So the remaining 12 months it'll be full fee. If you decide to cancel after 12 months then have to pay modem fee.

    • Works out at $90 to exit after 12 months.

      • Yes so to add to that = You would have been paying $7.50 per month for the first 12 months.
        The total cost of the Modem is $180.

  • can;t we get the sim only ? I have a similar router which I got for $200 from vivid wireless.

  • Just get Felix (Vodafone/TPG) for $35 a month. Same speed. Unlimited data. They have the 3 months half price deal running again. I signed up last time

    • No why, because
      1. 20Mbps vs upto 100 Mbps
      2. (from the deal you put link of ) For your personal devices only, not as a substitute for a home internet service or in a modem. Fair Use Policy applies. So cannot use that device as modem in a family home

  • Man this is really tempting to me, I want to cancel my exetel $50 for nbn 50 plan. 5G Home internet @ $37.5 for upto 100 Mbps is way better than $50 for upto half the speed.

    Will need to keep the modem in GOOD WORKING CONDITION tho, otherwise I'll be slugged with ridiculous Modem fee

    • Do you mean the Exetel modem, because the modem that comes with this Voda deal has to be purchased?

      • +1

        No i meant the 5G home internet modem from Vodafone sorry, the one where if customer returns it in GOOD WORKING CONDITION will pay nothing for it.

        From their Terms and Conditions

        However, if your Plan is cancelled before the end of the Device Period, you will need to return the Modem to us in Good Working Order within 30 days. If you do not return your Modem within 30 days or it is not returned in Good Working Order you will be charged 100% of remaining Modem instalments on your next bill. Good Working Order means the returned Modem is near new with only minor signs of
        wear and tear, and includes all original equipment

  • If there is an option to unselect the 4G modem, I will take the plan. Unfortunately, it is not an option.

    • Same

      • No, from the CIS =

        To use this Plan you must purchase Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub 2.0 (‘Modem’) from Vodafone under a
        Device Payment Plan of 24 months duration. The total cost of the Modem is $180. Your Plan is not
        for use with any other phone, tablet, modem, or device

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