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[iOS] Get $10 Bonus Cashback with Your First App Purchase (New Users Only, Capped at 3,000 Users) @ Cheddar


Cheddar is a new brand and deal discovery app with fresh deals daily. Earn cashback on over 600 brands with deals including:

  • 40% Cashback on Myer, capped at $40
  • 25% Cashback on Adidas, capped at $25
  • 30% Cashback on Bonds, capped at $30
  • 20% Cashback on Kathmandu, capped at $20
  • 13% Cashback on Kogan, capped at $30
  • 40% Cashback on Nautica, capped at $40
  • 10% Cashback on The Good Guys, capped at $50

Purchases made through merchant apps are ineligible for cashback. See Merchant Deal page for full T&Cs. Cheddar Terms of Use Apply.

Mod note: See also the $50 cashback offer

Right now, Cheddar is offering $10 bonus cashback with your first purchase to new users (capped at 3,000 users) who download the app and sign up.
To redeem, follow the below instructions

  1. On your mobile, hit the link here to download Cheddar.
  2. Sign up and make a purchase within 14 days to earn $10 bonus cashback with your first purchase.
  3. Special offer will appear as ‘Pending’ until your first purchase has been approved by our merchant partners which can take up to 90 days.

Or head to our website to find out more. Any questions, email us at [email protected].

Terms & Conditions

  • Only valid for new users who activate a Cashback Offer in accordance with Cheddar’s Terms of Use within 14 days of joining Cheddar, limited to first 3000 users. Cheddar is currently only available to iOS users. Limited to one per user, and per device. Special Offer will be credited to your account once your purchase has been approved by our merchant partner, which can take up to 90 days, and will appear as ‘Pending’ until approved. Cheddar Terms of Use and standard merchant terms and conditions apply. Offer valid until 11:59PM AEDT 31/12/22 or first 3,000 users, whichever occurs first. Not valid in conjunction with any other Cheddar offers and suspicious activity may result in your rewards being forfeited.

  • This Special Offer may be varied or withdrawn at anytime. Users must use the activation link provided to be eligible for a Special Offer. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Cheddar is not liable for any defects or errors (including on the App or activation link) which occur in the processing of a Special Offer.

Referral Links

Referral: random (198)

$25 for both referrer & referee, after first purchase. Link only works from mobile.

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  • +3

    Where's the android app? This is developed by CBA so must be trying to compete with CashRewards ANZ Max.

    • Hi Sharepoint,
      Cheddar will be coming to Android in 2022, watch this space! Sign up for our waitlist to be the first to know!

  • Love the competition, Get your games up CR, SB more competition is coming

  • How strange this is backed by CBA when Little Birdie is also a deal discovery platform backed by CBA.

    • +1

      Sounds like excess money to be chanced.

  • Any chance of a Desktop version as well ?

  • +2

    Is it me or I thought I opened Stake!

    And no android :(

    • Seems a little like it.

  • Whats the exclusions for myer offer

    And out of curiosity, who are your investors

    • CBA shareholders?

    • Hi easternculture,
      For Myer currently, the 40% cashback (capped at $40) is valid for everything, happy shopping!

  • What will be the exclusion though? I downloaded and on Myer offer, for example, it said cashback not paid on exclusions, but didn't actually say what are those exclusions. Are we suppose to go to competitor and check their usual exclusion list? :(

    • Hi hny3,
      For Myer currently, the 40% cashback (capped at $40) is valid for all purchases, happy shopping!

      • Per user or per transaction btw?

    • 13% Cashback on Kogan, capped at $30

    Was excited for this then saw ‘new customers only - not valid for guest checkout’

    • Hi abc,
      The 'new customer only' is in reference to Cheddar users, happy shopping!

      • Thanks. So are any payment methods accepted incl BNPL?

        • Hi abc,
          BNPL platforms aren't currently supported through Cheddar.

          • @getcheddarapp: But you can still check out using Afterpay et al? Will using these mean you are transacting “outside the app”? I don’t get it.

  • Is there a minimum spend for the $10 bonus?

    • +1

      Hi sween64,
      There is no minimal spend to be eligible for the $10 bonus, happy shopping!

  • @OP you mention 40% for Myers? When I log in, it only has 20%? Is it a particular time it will go to 40%?

    • Click the Myer on top with that round logos to see the 40%. If you search and click the result, somehow it'd link to the 20%. Not sure which one is true, to be honest, maybe bug as they're just started.

      • All good, looks like they've fixed it now. Displaying as 40%

  • +2

    A lot of over the top reviews, makes you wonder what’s going on there. Then there’s only 5 reviews in November.

  • Is there a minimum amount to withdraw rewards to a bank account?

    • +1

      Hi sween64,
      There is no minimum amount to withdraw.

  • Do you have Chemist Warehouse?

    • Hi me1stt,
      Cheddar doesn't have Chemist Warehouse, but have Chemist Direct as an alternative.

  • Kathmandu has 1.5% cashback on performance and apparel. If I buy something outside of these categories will I still get the bonus $10?

    • Hi @sween64,
      Unfortunately making purchases outside of this category won't be valid for cashback, meaning your bonus won't be validated.

  • Purchased at Myer and it tracked but didn’t show me how much tracked? Rather it’s showing as just tracked - is this normal?

    • Hi @jasperthegoat,
      It can take up to the seven days for cashback to be tracked. We can look into it this for you in the meantime. Could you please send details of the transaction, such as a screenshot of the purchase or receipt, to [email protected]. Thanks!

      • Hi Op, that $40 cap is per user or per transaction? Can u pls confirm?

        • Hi hny3,
          The cashback cap is currently applied per transaction. For example if you shop '40% cashback (up to $40)' you can shop this deal again. Please note that in our Terms of Use there is a monthly cashback cap per user that may be applied if we identify suspicious activity.

          • @getcheddarapp: In the app T&C it says that there is AUS $100 max cashback per calendar month. This is strictly enforced? If I've shopped Myer 40%, $40 back two times, that means the third transaction will only be $20 cashback?

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