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Mirabella Genio 1.4m RGB Pixel Corner Light $49 @ Kmart


Saw this on Kmart website under Black Friday. Been looking to purchase an RGB corner light online and cheapest comparison $94.59 on Kogan which is non- Wi-Fi and without power supply. Kmart's is a great price at $49 however, not sure quantities they will have.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    "This product is currently unavailable for purchase in WA, NT & QLD"

    I wonder why

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      only works on daylight savings time??

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        It's a light. I recommend using it at night rather than in daylight


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        The light needs a Covid Vax and negative test result
        before going to these states :)

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      Stock for these states are heavily delayed due to strikes at Fremantle port. The “not available” stock under the current estimate will arrive in stores between 6-13th December so you’ll still be able purchase it later on down the track. Hope this helps :)

      • By then, they won't be at BF prices though?

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          They will either be at Black Friday pricing or lower. Black Friday stock never rises in price as we only have a certain allocated time to sell it.

          • @JAF: Thanks for that!

          • @JAF: Is SA included in that ? Seemed there was never any stock even those couple of stores had a green icon today but couldn’t be ordered from

            • @Gristy: Hi mate SA should have stock of this as SA stock comes from Vic so SA doesn’t usually face stock problems unless Vic does as well.

              • @JAF: No worries hopefully just delayed then

      • Will this be available for click and collect?

      • That explains a lot. In Perth Ive seen a few retail stores around with some empty shelves.

    • I saw that but every item I checked showed stock in my local QLD store except the wet dry vacuum.

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    These are super cool! I totally want a pair

    This product is currently unavailable for purchase in WA, NT & QLD

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    • Have someone ship one to you in a poster tube.

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    Not available in wa seems most stuff has not been available in wa even projector

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      Stock for these states are heavily delayed due to strikes at Fremantle port. The “not available” stock under the current estimate will arrive in stores between 6-13th December so you’ll still be able purchase it later on down the track. Hope this helps :)

  • Nice but they they photoshop out the wires in image 2?

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    Everywhere I am seeing Pixel 6

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    I feel like it was just last year or year before routinely seeing advertisements on instagram for pretty much the same design for literally hundreds of dollars.

    Same with those galaxy projectors, which mirabella also did a copy of and just slapped on mirabella branding on the tuya app.

    Gotta hand it to the Chinese/Kmart.

    • Parts cost of these things are chips at the end of the day and Philips gets away with it with their Hue range.

      • My work was approached to make something similar to this some years ago locally, but sub $100.. which doesnt even cover labour costs (powder coating, fabrication, testing and packaging) let alone the parts on top * _ *

        • can certainly imagine it a few years ago costing that much but nowadays things are pretty cheap. I'm looking at DIY'ing a set of these myself and the BOM is coming out to about to about $40 a piece locally (half of that is the power supply).

          At volume, I can only imagine Mirabella are pumping these out at a fraction of that.

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        As an example: Philips has a big software development centre in Sydney metropolitan area with quite high calibre and expensive developers working on hue range. This can partially explain the kind of prices that Philips charges for their hue products if you factor in other development centres working on software, hardware, manufacturing, marketing etc.

    • Me too. I saw it all over Instagram when it was new. I wanted it so badly and I saw the price was like 300+ and like…. No thanks

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    How do you order this or check inventory at your nearest store?

    The website page doesn't show any stock or ordering options.

    • The item will be available on Thursday. You can then check the stock.

    • Each store will have 21 of this item available. Just be aware most states won’t receive the item until 6-13th December due to strikes at ports.

      • Thank you!

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    If you don't mind some DIY this gives a cool 1m level display for audio sources

    I run it off my Amp and have them in aluminium LED profiles mounted to a base on each side on my TV. Whilst the lights aren't 'smart' it includes a remote, although I just leave mine in level meter with peak dot mode.

  • wonder which one is better out of this one:

    $10 more and available now

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      Depends if you want long or thick.

      • +7

        I'm sure we all agree that girth is more important

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    It says its sound sensitive. Maybe worth installing in the bedroom when someone is snoring :). Definitely need a light for black Friday.

    • Haha to amplify the level of sleep disturbance?

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      If in the Bedroom dont need a light for Black Friday, need a black light :P

  • Where to check the availability ?

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      Each store will receive 21 of these but most states won’t receive the stock for another fortnight or so

      • How about WA?

        • WA stock delayed until 6-13 December due to strikes at Fremantle Port

          • @JAF: I thought the strike ended like 6 weeks ago, is it a carry over or more strikes?

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          For WA they have to quarantine for 2 weeks first :)

  • Is it online only?

    • No it will be sold in store as well however just be aware most states won’t have stock of this item for another fortnight or so.

  • Hope it will have free delivery

    • ..but it says product is excluded from free delivery

      • Fingers crossed!

  • Wish it worked with homekit

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      It can be made to work with homekit via homebridge.

  • So what's the good look go ? Single or multi color ??

  • There is a big ass wire sticking out of it which connects to the powerpoint btw

  • Anyone know if these can be flashed with tasmota or integrated with home assistant?

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    Fyi; if you get one, use the Kogan Smarter Home app - it was the only app that would pick up my other Mirabella Genio lights

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      Tuya app works with the Mirabella range.

      • Pretty sure they're the same app, just rebranded

  • They seem to look like these, but without the controller

    • Cable comes out of the side. Doesn’t look bad at all.

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    What are these used for, parties?

    I'm guess I'm too old to understand the appeal/use case.

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      Signalling for aliens. Or mood lighting. For the party when the aliens arrive.

    • +3

      Holywood satanic rituals , to open the dimension between earth and hell 😒

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      Every tech reviewer on YouTube and streamer seem to have one. They look pretty tacky to have for everyday use though.

  • Im in QLD just bought 5 of these in our local Kmart store 🙏💸

    • Which store? Might go have a look see tomorrow.

      • stock checker shows stock around me (mt gravatt)

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    Wish the stand was actually white not black. I suppose I could spray paint it white?

  • Remember extra 5% off using Suncorp rewards.

  • How long are deliveries taking in Melbourne?

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    Gone in Melbourne.
    Edit: was through straight away and 'some items in cart not available'

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      Available in Cranbourne. I think it's instore only. Grabbed 2 and they have around 30 left

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        Thanks for letting us know.

        Poor form frim Kmart to advertise that they are available online and that not be the case.

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          Not being able to purchase due to no stock for yourself is not grounds for a negative vote.

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            @fatal: There were over 16,000 clicks and 5 people were able to place orders online.

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    Out of stock for online delivery at 8:00am! WTF

    Looks like instore only.

    • My local store showed one available for Click and collect. By 8 minutes and 45 seconds it was no longer available

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    Already OOS.

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    Was out of stock instantly. Likely not even available online to begin with… was one of the first in the queue too

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    OOS for SA too. Was able to add to bag, and then at checkout it said delivery and C&C out of stock

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    Oos regional Victoria instantly. Who doesn't love a bit of bait advertising

  • -1

    back in stock?

    • OOS delivery and pickup Victoria

  • These are available instore Carindale Qld. This store had more than 25 available..

    These are not out of stock if you go and buy Instore.

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        My stepdad beating me with jumper cables because I wasn't able to buy his lights.

        • +1

          I didnt neg you. That's funny!

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    Got 1 from kmart Parramatta. Online pickup order.

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    To those who ordered online, is your purchase showing in your previous orders and did you receive a confirmation email?

    I got nothing yet PayPal sent the money and it's been taken out of my card

    • It took a few minutes for email to arrive.

      • I still haven't got mine after 1.5 hours….

        I will have to call the store if they got my order.

  • Three is still stock around Sydney

  • Saw 1 left at Caloundra when I looked a moment ago…not driving an hour up from Brisbane tho haha

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    Just ordered one for click and collect at Top Ryde if anyone in Sydney is looking.

    • Ya, I grabbed 2.

      Did you get the pick up email yet?

      • I did, around 1pm yesterday, so will pick it up today. You get yours?

  • Check in store. Online showed out of stock everywhere for me at 8am but my wife just found a couple on the shelf in store (9am)

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    Says they have it when you click find in store, but on order page says not available. Poor form Kmart.
    Also, Pretty poor to do a black friday deal where theres no store stock and wont let you preorder them. Does this mean in two weeks they will randomly pop up as available?

  • Got the last 2 from my local in store

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