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30-60% Off Everything @ Superdry


30-60% Off Everything at Superdry in-store and online. Sadly it is not an additional discount so sale items that are already 30% or more off will remain as before.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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Superdry AU
Superdry AU

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    Their click frenzy was way better.

  • Didn't they go into receivership or something during lockdown?

    • I think that was G-Star.

      • Oh right. I got them confused

  • +3

    damn it, thought it was super cheap auto for a sec

    • +10

      Should have gone to specsavers…

      • +1


    • +1

      i thought it was 3070 Super GPU

  • I did not find anything 60% off

    • I bought t-shirts at 60% during click frenzy. Same stock is at either 30 or 50 now.

  • Same discount on everything i check for each sale

  • Does anyone else find their design more and more ho-hum? I have jackets from them bought from years ago which were very stylish. For a long time now, including their current range, they look like just about every other retailer. Like a white goods sellers for a fashion brand.

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