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50% off Frenchie Condoms & 40% off Lube & Wipes + $8 Delivery ($0 with $20 Order) @ Frenchie


Our biggest promotion yet!
50% off our Beret Condoms
40% off our Lube & Wipes
30% off our bundles & kits

No code necessary, all items marked down.
Free shipping when you spend +$20 on your bedroom essentials.

Happy shopping x

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Condoms, lubes and wipes.

    Life's essentials.

    • amen to that

  • My gf asks if the condoms are vegan ?

    • +2

      Does she have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner?

    • -2

      haha smart women :)

  • +2

    Life Hack… Can also be used as balloons at kids parties..

  • +1

    Under the section on how to use, found this useful information…

    "Check to make sure your condom is fitted properly. It should not be slipping off or excessively tight on the penis. This could lead to breakage or the condom falling off during intercourse."

    • Sounds like good advice.

      I've given these Frenchie's a run from earlier OzB deals. 12

      They feel like high-grade quality and exceed my expectations for an experience with ultra-thin condoms.

      I just had an odd run in which I had three consecutive breaks, having never had one before, and one of those unfortunately necessitated an emergency contraceptive.

      I'm not sure I'm too quick to blame the manufacturing - it just might be that these are a bit thinner than the ultra-thins I'm use to (LifeStyles) and aren't well suited for users with a slighter higher than average nominal width (>52mm) and who tend to have longer sessions if you're prone to insensitivity with condom use.

      Either way, I'd recommend additional lube for anyone who uses these, and maybe just the extra large users to probably steer clear.

      • Steer clear. Roger.

      • Hi, We're really sorry to hear this feedback for the first time. Our condom is 100% natural rubber latex and very thin. However they should not break as mentioned. We're working on a larger size, hopefully beginning of next year!

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    I came here for the funny comments… yes, someone has to say it everytime a deal like this pops up.

    • +1

      Get that into ya

    • +1

      So did we….

  • bought previously
    the packaging is really hard to open when you need to use it

    • I almost pulled the trigger until I see your comment. I cannot wait while I need to use it…

    • +1

      And that's just the person you intend to use them on

  • As much as I always enjoy the comments on these threads, this is my hot take from one of the previous deals. Inb4 ridicule ;)

    Don’t really rate the condoms compared with our usual Skyn elites. They seem like they have a much smaller diam, can be hard to apply (it can get caught on itself as they are unrolled), have a more latex-y smell, and have gone a bit weird and dry. Suggest frenchie need to make a bigger size and look at their lubricants again.

    The lube on the other hand is awesome. Way better than anything you get in the super market. Would buy again.

    • Thanks for the feedback Moda! Our width is actually on the larger size of a "standard" fit at 53mm. The latex-y smell vs the Skyn is because our is made from 100% natural rubber latex and Skyn is a plastic variant. Take on the feedback re the lube, haven't had that before. Re sizing, we are working on our next new product range which will include a larger size ;)

      Thanks! Happy to hear you love our lube, it really is like nothing compared to what you'd find on the shelf.

      Have a great day!

    • I agree with you with this part '(it can get caught on itself as they are unrolled)'

  • Can we cancel the order after a while and then choose a US/Brit nuclear condom?

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