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Nintendo Switch Charging Grip $24 (RRP $39) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Nintendo Switch Charging Grip
Normal price on Amazon is $34
Seems like a great price
Enjoy :)

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    Bought this on launch and it has never really served its intended purpose. I basically just use it when we're about to have friends around and I haven't charged any joycon in a few weeks

    Put the money towards binboks or a pro

  • Is this like the one that comes with the switch or optional accessory?

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      Optional. The one that comes with the Switch is just a grip and can't charge the joycons.

  • This or a charging station/dock? Anyone had experience?

    • It's just a joycon grip with a USB port to allow you to charge your joycons while you play

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      I have both.

      A charging dock/station is better at home, because you can just leave it on your entertainment unit, and dump joycons in whenever needed.

      But I also have Charging Grips that I have removed the "wings" to leave just the middle rectangular part (a pain in the arse to do, because of the crappy soft screws!). These are AWESOME for bringing in my "portable" kit bag, for emergency charging up of joycons when I take my Switch to someone's house (no lockdown) and have forgotten to charge my Joycons. They also allow me to connect a pair of joycons into a full controller if needed (without the wings, it is not as comfortable as stock with the wings, and obviously nowhere near as comfortable as a proper controller…but it's "good enough" for someone to use without feeling awkward holding two separate joycons, which people who are not used to joycons seem unable to wrap their head around!).

      So to answer your question, I love having both a charging stand AND my (modded) Charging Grips. They each serve a different purpose. :)

      (FWIW, you can buy cheap generic chinese charging grips on AliExpress or ebay - they cost a couple of dollars and are FAR FAR EASIER to mod than the real deal, because they use sensible philips head screws!!! The rails are rougher than the official Charging Grip, so you might want to be a bit more careful using cheap knock-offs, but I can't emphasise enough how much of a pain it is to remove the wings on an official Charging Grip! You have been warned! The end result is fantastic though, for portability!)

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