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Marmot Men's Featherless Hoody $99 (Was $329) Delivered / C&C @ Anaconda


Marmot Men's Featherless Hoody $99. Absolute full price is normally $329.99
Also available in navy and women's version.
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    • Yeah, it is an OzBargain classic

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    I found the halo not warm enough for Melbourne winter. Had to upgrade to their mid tier/ top tier range. Would recommend at the very least the sundowner…

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      FWIW, as a counterpoint, for me, Halo is perfectly fine for Melbourne winter. If anything, I find it overkill!

      I wore mine in the dead of winter in Chicago, in like -15 to -20 degree weather (with like -25 to -30 degree wind chill factor!) - I was layering like an onion though! :)

      But totally, YMMV depending on tolerance for the cold, how you are wearing it, and how long you are spending in the cold, so fair call! :)

    • Both my GF and I found the Halo excellent this winter in Melbourne.

      I found it enough even on one extremely windy and cold day sightseeing on the Great Ocean Road and I only had a T-Shirt under it.

      I’m very surprised you didn’t find it sufficient.

  • OP, is there a variant without the hoodie? I looked but could not find it. Any pointers?

    • I think these are the closest variants without hoods.
      Solus $99
      Alassian $99

      • The alassian is a slightly better quality finish IMHO
        Although bulkier

  • Nice find

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    The marmot minimalist jacket is also on sale for $149 and is a great deal also

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    And the Precip Eco jacket.

  • I have this. I haven't worn it outside yet as I only got it recently but it looks as good as I expected a puffer jacket to look on me. I like the styling vs other puffer jackets.

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    I don't understand the mention of featherless - this isn't a down jacket right? It's odd to market it as what it isn't.

    • I think these are synthetic down. Hence featherless.

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        Goose friendly

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