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Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mk3 + 14-42mm $549, Blue Yeticaster Bundle $262 + $10 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $300 Order) @ CameraClix


Just a few select items that are an awesome deal! I've put heaps of other items on sale too, but for an Easter egg, type "blueyeti" in our search bar to see the other microphones that I've massively discounted as well!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Anyone got any feedback on this? Particularly interested in entry level bird photos and some videography (not pro of course).

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      The camera body itself is good for bird photography, in camera optical stabilisation, decent photo speed for taking lots of shots etc. But you will need a much longer lens. Something like a 75mm-300mm for a micro four thirds camera like this

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      The camera tech is a little dated but still reasonable as a cheap entry point, but the only birds you'll be finding with that lens will be caged or dead

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      You will need to pair with 1. https://olympus-imaging.com.au/product/dslr/mlens/150-400_45... and 2. https://olympus-imaging.com.au/product/dslr/mlens/40-150_28p...

      lens 1 will be your best friend.

      Otherwise, this is "okay" https://olympus-imaging.com.au/product/dslr/mlens/100-400_50...

      Would suggest picking up a well looked after Canon 7D, and a decent super tele…. Will probably work out cheaper… downside is the size… much bigger.

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        The 150-400 is a fairly serious bit of glass for someone wanting entry level kit, not to mention massive on an E-M10, the 75-300 would probably be a better starting point given they can be found new for under $500

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          LOL…yes, I agree. Question was "entry level". Recommending the 150-400 pro was, I'm sure (I hope), taking the piss.

          I probably wouldn't recommend the 100-400 for entry level either to be honest. Olympus or Panasonic regardless, it is a mid range super tele, and still a fair investment that I wouldn't expect a beginner to take on. Both Oly and Panny products are capable of capturing some excellent images though.

          75-300…yes. Any of the cheaper 300 zooms. Some better than others, and there does seem to be a tendency for softness at the long end of this class. Still…it's like having a 600mm on full frame. If you know how to drive it, you can get reasonable results.

          The rule is, regardless of how long your lens is, try to get as close as possible. Don't be afraid to pump up the ISO a little, and use denoise software after the fact to clean things up if needed. For birds, I would consider 300mm (600mm equivalent field of view on full frame) to be an excellent focal length - you will probably rarely zoom out other than to frame the shot.

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            @Banj0: I used to have a 50-500mm super tele. Good reach, but very soft.

            If OP is looking for an 'entry' level gear set. Cheap APSC + 70-300 is a good starting point.

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    I had this one. Very good camera to start learning photography. Nice build and finish, feels good touching, looks classic, ultra portable, reasonable (not long) battery life, very good jpeg colour science with minimum need to edit colour…
    Not a very fast camera; if you’re going to take shots of flying birds, you won’t have much success, not very good auto focus capabilities. I had very good macro shots with this camera; excellent bokeh as well. When I started photography with this, it helped me to learn concepts very good with a very low investment compared to other brands. Always beneficial to work with different camera systems to learn pros and cons of those system. You know Olympus is M4/3 and focal length and aperture should be multiplied by 2 for equivalent full frame specs. This is important if you’re after e.g. astrophotography or wide angle. This is specific to this body, M1X model is an excellent camera for astrophotography. These cameras shoot in crop because of sensor type. Also limited wavelength of light could be captured meaning less option for post processing. But don’t worry about that you won’t need to that extent when starting to learn photography. Back to birds’ photos, what’s important is having good IBIS as well as fast shutter. This camera and Olympus in general has one of best stabilisers in the market but not very fast in shooting. If you use Panasonic lenses which come with stabiliser that makes this camera excellent for videography. It’s capable of 4K 30fps and I was happy with. Recommend this for starting to learn. 12-40mm f/2.8 pro is a good lens, recommended as general purpose lens: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Olympus-OMD-12-40mm-f2-8-PRO-len...

  • Thanks for all the feedback. Think I'll pass on this and check out some of the other suggestions.

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