Laptop for Uni - Budget $800

This topic is beaten to death, but I'm struggling a bit so bear with me.

My girlfriend is starting Uni next year, I've been tasked by her family to find a laptop for her Christmas gift. They're not the richest, so they've asked me to find something around $800 or less.

I've been scouring deals for a few weeks, but have no knowledge of laptops to figure out which deals are bargains. I've seen alright stuff on the Lenovo education, but have no point of reference to figure out which ones are best, aside from reviews on the site. Not too specific on specs, just need it for stuff you could imagine a sociology major would do on their computer.

If anyone could help find something worth more than the price, I will be greatly appreciated.


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    Laptop around $800 for Girlfriend

    So what are you offering? Laptop or girlfriend?

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    figure out which deals are bairgains.

    Generally all deals posted for laptops are bargains.
    Anything with 50+ updoots is generally safe bet

  • Take a look at this one and the alternatives suggested

  • Don't need a laptop for uni. Ask her to use a notepad or a computer lab.

    • Cheap/free and no more girlfriend.

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      Notepad? Still need a computer to run that.

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    Find out: How she will use the laptop. Will she take it to uni campus? Will she use it on the train? Does she prefer larger screen or lighter weight laptop etc etc.

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    Wait until back to school Mac sale, then buy an M1 MacBook Air at education prices and get free AirPods to sell. Or apparently some are really dodgy, get their Mac delivered and leave the AirPods to be collected at a physical Apple store.

    Then after a couple of weeks not collected they get refunded in full, much more than if you sell yourself. Bingo bango, good computer without crapware and Windows for a smidge more than your budget.

    Extended return policy is in place at the moment until early January, so your girlfriend can try one out to see if she likes it. Just turn off natural scrolling in the Control Panel. That is awful.

  • tbh, if budget is only $800, best is to go to facebook market place and look at what the newest models were maybe like 2-3 years back? they would still work great

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