[PS4, PS5, XSX] Scarlet Nexus $28 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ EB Games


I know someone else is gonna scrape and create a nice list of EB Games discounts on here through its Black Friday Super Sale shortly.

Still, this is the current lowest price at this time as JB Hifi is $49 and Amazon at $40+.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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EB Games Australia


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    Available on game pass for those that have it just an FYI.

    • Still a good deal, cos too many games on game pass, I'd like to play this, but I know I won't spend too much time. This might be good for resell when I finish later.

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        Yeah great deal for sure, always nice to actually own a game :)

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      Thank you! This week I've already bought 2 games that are now accessible for free.

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      Gamepass means nothing when you collect physical.

      • Different strokes for different folks, just giving people a heads up if they're already subbed to it.

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          we're aware, just to a lot of physical collectors it's just becoming a dead horse thing where a physical game goes on sale and you get the same two comments everytime about it being cheaper digital or being on gamepass.

          We get it, but again, people like physicals, you do you, enjoy it.

          The vast majority of gamers, and especially ozbargainers want a physical game that's going to be collectible and retain value for later.

          • @typhoonadventure: I also like to collect physical games, but some games that I'm on the fence about, it's nice to know I can at least try it on game pass first.

            Again, was just giving people the heads up as I know people often forget to check/may not be aware entirely it's included in their sub.

            • @mangobango: They don't tell you when they add stuff? would have figured they'd send out like a monthly email with all the new stuff or something?

              • @typhoonadventure: I believe they do, but for someone such as myself that only subbed recently there's already a ton of stuff there that you wouldn't know about unless you specifically searched for it.

                • @mangobango: Weird, I would have figured they'd have an algorithm for that or something. Mrs netflix keeps sending her messages about new content added that they reckon she will like and some of it's so far out there but the recommendations have been solid.

                  I'm not kidding, she'd never watched a survival or metal fabrication show before, and after watching a craft show about repairing stuff and an art documentary…. boom

                  Got hooked on these two shows it recommended.

                  • @typhoonadventure: Yeah netflix type recommendations would be great, I just checked the app and as you scroll down it goes Recently Played > Newly Added > Popular > and then the list of categories to choose from.

                    Metal fabrication though? Sounds like an absolute curveball of a recommendation, surprised it stuck 😆 Must be good, what's it called? I always enjoy seeing how stuff is made.

                    • @mangobango: This is my problem with not being a streamer, she picks the stuff and if I walk past and its good I watch, I have no idea what it's called.

                      It's a thing where they set a challenge each round (as you do with all these trash reality shows) but instead of focusing on the drama they're showing you what they're going for, how they go about it and the trouble shooting and improvising.

                      Had someone who's never done metal fabrication done in their life interested due to the art of it and someone who's from an engineering background being like hey these are some cool ideas.

                      A self trained home welder managed to make a gearbox for a rotary display experience, a crank playing instrument, it's been awesome.

  • As good as Code Vein?

    • Very different gameplay so its hard to compare the two side by side. With that said, it's an interesting game story-wise. The battle elements get very grindy if you plan to complete the side missions, but if you keep charging into the story its quite engaging. Will say the character movements feel a lot more 'stiff' than compared to Code Vein, even though its a lot more action-oriented so that might feel a little frustrating (playing as Kasane anyway, I heard Yuito's movements flow a lot better).

  • Awesome price thank you.

  • Sweet, bought this and Nier together.

  • I wish I waited for this real great price. I bought it for $59 months ago & haven't started playing yet due my massive backlog!

    I always approve when see any niche games on sale & being posted on OZB here.

  • amazon has price matched

    • How do you price matched on Amazon, do you message them? Because I couldn't find any icon/high text indicating price match on the item.

      • it's automatic. amazon has been really good with price-matching recently. has to either be a bot, or they have an admin actively browsing ozbargain.

        • amazon sold out days ago

          • @Lucretia: yeah amazon sells out pretty fast. i actually ordered Scarlet Nexus a few hours before when it was $49. i cancelled at the same time, but after a while when this post went up, it was already sold out lol. maybe i could've not cancelled, and amazon would've charged me the sale price because it hasn't been dispatched yet

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    $26.60 Delivered on EB Games eBay if you have eBay Plus use code SHO50FF

    Edit 910am: Sold out, might come back another day via a new listing.

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