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Value Pizza $8, Traditional Pizza $10, Premium Pizza $12 Delivered (No Min Spend) @ Domino's (via App, until 5pm)


Domino's Black Friday offer, via app and until 5pm (local time) only.

Alternate codes: 776543 792370 824985

Repeat of this popular deal.

This is a good deal for those who only want 1 or 2 pizzas delivered. No minimum spend and only paying a few dollars extra to get a pizza delivered compared to picking up with a coupon. If you are ordering 3 or more pizzas and need delivery, there will be cheaper or similar coupons here for traditional and premium.

OzBargain Pizza Coupons Page - Accessible from the pages menu, updated daily, includes local/specific store deals.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • I haven't eaten pizzas for more than 12 months now. Is this cheap? I remembered value pizza was 5$ and Traditional was 7.95$ each when I last purchased one.

    • +1

      They still are that price for pick up (with a coupon), this deal includes delivery.

      • Ahh yeah.. that's not too bad then.. pity I can't eat pizzas and fried chicken anymore.

  • -1

    Do they still charge surcharge for delivery to some areas with this deal??

    Edit: yep. AND Voucher not accepted for 2640/2641 stores - targeted

    • Could you please try these codes:

      705537 716736 642291

      Updated now, they are advertised as 'national'

      • -2

        Sorry @Hamza doesn’t work. Now I get an error in the iOS “Dominos” app that they have second app called “Domino’s Offers”… but that app doesn’t allow me to order! WTF @DonMeij… how did that convoluted model even get past pretotype stage?

        Downvoting as it doesn’t work.

        • It does work, its just you. Hate the app not OP. Just ordered 2 large pizzas for 16$.

          • @Nunubuffs: Doesn’t work, deal not achievable, error message doesn’t say not accepted at store, downvote is legit.

      • I also tried the Alternate codes but also not working.
        Possibly targeted stores..

  • all codes are not working in my area.. "Not accepted your selected store"

  • It works for me. NSW 2113. Thank you op!

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