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[NSW] 50% off Sashimi 200g: Tasmanian Salmon $8.98, Ora King Salmon $9.98 + Delivery (Min. Order $50) @ GetFish (Sydney Only)


saw an instagram advertisement for

50% off
tasmanian salmon sashimi, 200 gram serving each @ $17.99 $8.98
Ora king salmon sashimi, 200 gram serving each @ $19.99 $9.98

i saw it as $10 delivery free over $110 as a standard but i got free shipping over $90 spend

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • I think it only delivers within Syndey

  • wagyu of the sea eh?


  • This should be like max $60/kg

    • if you bought 1 kilo… it would be $50 ..

  • +1

    50% Sahsimi

    It's only half. And is it related to sashimi?

    • Lol i could fix it, but it's quiet funny… i'll leave it…

  • I ordered from these guys from the uber 50% off grocery deal, the sashimi is pretty good

  • Tried the kingfish and salmon sashimi, very nice and fresh.

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    Can't eat Tasmanian salmon ever again after that Four Corners expose on their shenanigans. Do you know Tasmanian farmed Salmon would be WHITE without the additives they put in their "food"? vomit…

    • Don't trust everything you see ot hear, especially MSM.

  • +1

    showing full price …

  • How do they deliver it? If it comes from NZ, I doubt it will be fresh by the time you get it in Sydney.
    As for delivery from Tasmania, it looks like they buy and re-sell lots of products from Huon.And you may be better off buying directly from Huon.
    Most of the products are too expensive. At half price they are OK.

    • i think the origin of the fish is from new Zealand, doesn't get delivered from Zealand…

      the fish gets delivered from the wholesalers at the fish market in Sydney.

      i haven't ordered sashimi before, however other seafood gets shipped vacuum sealed with ice bricks.

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