How Much $$$ Have You Spent This Black Friday Sale?

Low key shocked on how much I spent this week… And its not even over yet…

Curious to see how much $$$ you OzBargainers have spent (and so I don't feel too bad about it ^.^)

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  • 368
    I don't fall for sales ($0)
  • 153
    Noobie ($1 - $99)
  • 408
    Intermediate ($100 - $500)
  • 144
    Pro ($501 - $999)
  • 306
    True OzBargainer ($1000+)
  • 27
    I don't even want to know ($??)


  • +13

    heaps on Monday
    barely any on the actually black friday lol

    • I always felt BF > CM

      • +4

        Cyber Monday is tomorrow. Probably meant Black "Friday" deals which started a whole week before the actual day

  • +14

    Low key shocked
    Low key

    This is a forum post, hardly low key.

  • +2

    Fat Zero.

    • +1

      Fat grand so far, but I'm going beyond soon.

  • +11

    Just one coin.
    Bit coin

    • Ouch!

    • +4

      Funny you should say….I sold crypto yesterday (anything bought in the last 3weeks) and spent it all profits on 2 GPUs.

    • no discounts there

      • You missed it. It was a 10% discount on Friday.

  • +4


    My PS5 and Xbox series X Halo edition preorders both became available for pick up this week so i spent another $1200 so all up ive spent too much haha.

    • Can I ask where you preordered from?

      • Both at eb games immediately after i saw it posted to ozbargain.

        • Cheers. Must have missed that. I would have done the same.

    • Mine just got delivered today. Such a nice looking console. Shame about bots and scalpers keeping true fans from getting one :(
      Halo Infinite looks so good on the C1 77" I picked up during these sales!

  • +1

    Are the people voting I don’t fall for sales missing the entire point of this website

    • +68

      No, they obviously don't buy things just because they are cheap, they buy them because they need/want them and they are cheap.

      • +4

        I think that's true for everyone, just that many people suddenly need/want something only after seeing how cheap it is.

        • +4

          Then they don't really need/want it that much. That's my problem with those bnpl places.

          • +6

            @brendanm: Like this morning at 0900 I had no idea I wanted or needed any more rum, but when I saw two bottles for $60 at 1030 I suddenly realised I needed not one but two bottles of rum.

            • @afoveht: That's fair enough, as it's something you are going to use, and when you realised that you had run out, you would have had to buy more anyway.

              • +2

                @brendanm: Yeah my first response was a bit tongue in cheek, but I do think there is a bit of truth in it. Sometimes a bargain just hurries along a latent purchase, sometimes it's a frivolity, but sometimes an assumed frivolity actually becomes beneficial. I've bought a few things on a whim but they have proven to be super useful items and even changed my mind on future purchases.

                Not exactly "useful" but staying on the rum example, I never drank rum but bought one from a deal a few months ago - I'd never have dropped $100+ randomly on a bottle that wasn't on my radar but at $70 it was sort of "let me try something new during lockdown." Three months later and it's still super fun - glad I gave it a go.

                Of course buying more nonessentials than one can afford is a pretty silly idea.

        • +1

          I often feel like that when walking through Ikea and Bunnings. There's usually something there that I didn't know I wanted.

    • +3

      I don't buy stuff just because someone posts that it is 50% off. When I want to buy something, I come here, set an alert and wait. Maybe a month, maybe a year, but I wait and I downvote people complaining about housing affordability to pass the time.

    • +5

      There are things I wanted to buy for Black Friday, like an Elite Controller, headphone amp, but nothing is on sale. This year's sales have been pathetic compared to last years

    • That's just a comment the poll creator added. If you spent nothing, you spent nothing. Many of these sales are just the regular price, but you get people that see something that appears like some kind of saving, and fall for it, like this:

      I bought two things recently, a new TV, that I ended up getting free, and a used GT 1030 for $80. Any free TVs or $80 GT 1030s in this sale? No? Then I don't need anything.

    • You realise they didn’t write the byline? I voted $0 because there happened to be no BF sales which interested me. I was hoping for an iPhone sale.

    • +2

      buying something at a reduced price is not a bargain if you never had intended to buy it.

    • My keyboard breaks, I type OzBargain Keyboard into google.

  • +1

    I'm skint.

  • +1

    so I don't feel too bad about it ^.^

    Wait until Cyber Monday :)

    OzB is about buying items you would normally buy if it goes on sale.

    The rule here should be, Don't buy stuff from hyper created from marketing.

    • +3

      Or buy what you need and only buy if the discount is as compared to the previous sale + stacked coupon codes vouchers.

    • Have you heard of eneloops?

  • $0, though was tempted by the 50% off pirellis

    • +1

      Me too but a lot of them were price jacked already so worked out barely cheaper than competitors for the sizes I was looking at.

      • I own a tyre shop and still bought Pirellis during this sale. Ended up paying $288 for 4 x 195/65r15 tyres. If I bought them wholesale, I would have paid about $30 more but had to fit them myself which takes time and wheel weights and pay for scrap tyres. Some of the sizes were just too expensive when I checked but there were some genuine good buys in that sale.

        • Bought the same size but P6 $328/4 - very happy. Spotted the TV ad before the OZB post

      • The 20s were all pretty well priced.

    • +1

      Tempting. Though not sure how they’d look on the Camira

    • Nicely done.
      I've been putting off buying tyres for a while, so this sale was a welcome 'need' rather than a want.

      Good time to get gifts for others during these sales though for Christmas- not as much stock around as I was hoping.

  • +2

    How many weeks/months does Black Friday go for these days…. LOL Come in sucker

  • $180 on beer before $25 cashback

  • +9

    I've been looking for the deal of a lifetime on something I need rather than something I want but sadly it didn't happen.

    • +3

      I haven’t seen anything like that since pre pandemic tbh

  • +1

    So much I'm starting to get nervous sweats

  • +1

    Too many ps5 games and ps plus

  • +1

    Bought some good car care stuff from Repco, ordered today and they delivered in less than an hour, I was like Wow..
    Also bought a Dell monitor for $395 which is a price drop from $700.

    • +4

      I've never seen Dell sell any monitor at RRP.

  • +23

    The sales this year have been terrible. Some big brands even Jacked up their prices then advertised sales. Lenovo did that for their education portal :/. Haven't bought anything worth more than $59.

    • +3

      Shopback and cashrewards deals has been great though. 80% of my purchases was due to upsized cashback. Especially that uncapped eBay

      • +3

        Mate, 80% of my cashbacks never register so I don't even bother with it. And why do retailers give cashbacks when they could just sell on special? It's such a convoluted way to give better prices.

    • +2

      I thought that too. I spent heaps on black Friday in 2020, because there were decent prices + cashbacks on lots of things I could get for Christmas presents + the ozbargain front page seemed to be constantly refilling with good deals & it was a struggle to keep up. This year there has been very little, so my wallet has largely stayed shut. If it continues like this, I'm just going to give cash at Christmas and say "buy yourself something you like in the January sales".

  • +6

    $1897 on household purchases we had saved for Black Friday.

    Coffee machine $1199 (RRP $1500, came with a $200 voucher, lockdown life made us snobby addicts and the old machine is dying)
    Robot vacuum $599 (RRP $799… probably won't survive the toddler chasing it around)
    Kettle $99 (RRP $125… yes I know, but wife wanted it to match the fancy toaster we got as a wedding present)

    • +1

      That some nice coffee you'll be having.

    • +1

      Kettle $99 (RRP $125… yes I know, but wife wanted it to match the fancy toaster

      Oh i've been there so many times…. I feel better now knowing I'm not the only one… :-)

      • +1

        Black is $99 but the green is on sale for $59… Already have a black appliance so $40 premium it is.

        Happens too often.

  • +3

    Got most of my Christmas shopping done!
    (mostly board games and toys)

  • +1

    New Kindle and a new Pillow :)

  • +1

    Oil filter from repco im changing my car oil soon.

  • +1

    LG C1 83 inch, glad I waited, almost pulled the trigger on the qn85 last week.

  • +1

    Did most of mine at DFO, Got some pretty unbelievable bargains there like 2x Quiksilver hoodies for $40 and $55 tommy hilfiger Polo shirts
    and got the sony wh1000xm3 for $185 (with discount on top). All thanks to 7eleven 99cents e10 Fuel that got me around the place LOL

  • +1

    I found the sales pretty underwhelming today.

    All I grabbed was a few Quest 2 games at a decent discount because those things hardly ever go on sale.

  • +1

    I bought the LG C1

  • $252 Five Switch games and a pro controller.

  • +20

    I've found this years Black Friday sales to be quite underwhelming

    • Same, I'm searching for new headphones (QC45, 700's or XM4's) and a dyson. I can't believe there weren't sales on either of these ozbargain regulars ($199 for XM3's was a bargain, but that's what I'm currently using).

  • (S21 ultra 256gb + case + charger + care+) : 1100$
    NB shoe + Sketchers go walk 6 : total 120$
    Google hub 2nd gen : 51$
    Stuff from Bonds : 40$

    • Where u get the s21?

      • Samsung EPP + trade-in bonus

    • Where the Google nest ? I paid $77 @ JB thanks to OZB

      • Google nest : BigW (20$ little birdie + 10% EPP discount)

  • +1

    Got $2kg of coffee for $52 delivered that's enough to keep me happy

  • Zero I try not to get sucked into these sales

    • Didn't want to do any Christmas shopping?

  • +1

    I’ve spent maybe $150 but it was for things I need anyway eg undies.
    I’ve spent more money on non sales things, because I actually need them.

    First time for everything.

  • Trying to find the best and brightest 65" TV for my grandpa (yes brightest, his eyes aren't great) on a budget of under $1000. He wanted it at the start of November and I said - just wait, the best deals of the entire year are happening soon. But they've barely arrived, unless I settle for Kogan.

    • +1

      I've got a ~7yr old LG 65".
      The "soccer mode" with all the Eco stuff turned off is retina ruining. Gramps will love it.

      New LG 65's are ~$1295 at the moment. Go audition one and see if you can get a deal, or look around for other brands with the same sort of feature.

      • Appreciate the tip!

  • Haha. The $19 (plus 10% cash back) Amazon echo dots sucked me into the Amazon ecosystem good! Super impressed with the little things, and the kids love them!!

    Did soooo much Christmas shopping for extended family too, there have been some awesome bargains! (And many not so bargains) this time around!

    But I’m all honesty, I actually needed everything I bought and was going to pay full price anyway (granted 6 echos may seem overkill, but I’ve been looking for cheap by speakers to have whole of house music for kids dance parties and for when I'm cleaning!!)

  • $1000+ only because I bought one mobile phone and a phone cover and glass protector. The weekend is not yet over though…

  • +2

    i haven't really seen anything that interests me so far. I don't buy stuff just because it's on sale.

  • I bought a pair of 1440p 180hz LG monitors that I've had my eye on for awhile, so just over $1k for me.

  • Best and Less 5 undies for $10

    So $10

  • +4

    Dickies socks
    Sony headphones
    VIOFO dash cam
    Bodium glasses
    Razor blades
    Cat food
    Occulus lens rings
    Johnnie Walker Green
    Guinness book of records
    Fire stick

    Under $1000

    I think the poll should be how much have you 'saved' not spent.

  • +2

    Black friday weekend not over yet….

  • +1

    It started before Black Friday, and I don't know when it is going to stop.
    I find myself immersed in a completely transformed world that only "after pay" could provide.
    Gone are the old mediocre clutter gathering low branded items, to now, a world of fangshi, of balance and perfect harmony.
    No more instant coffee for me, it is ground coffee from South America in a double walled cup. No more nicks and cuts, it is Philips Prestige, their flagship shaver, gliding over my face. No more looking at my Frankenstein sewn up leather lounge, it is a stylish recliner that supports like a hand risen from below, to cradle my weary bones.
    And no more burnt toast, it is a press of a button, and a note to alert me to its perfectly browned masterpiece. And to heat meat pies, or cook some chips, it is a 3-in-one microwave that does it all. The is goes on, and more to come, as I create the world around me, with the aid of "after pay"!

    • +2

      I assume this is the introduction to Melissa Caddick's new book: "How I lived a life of luxury, stole millions, went broke, became a fugitive, and lost a foot"?

  • +2

    So far I've spent $0. I did need an SSD but it was before black friday and was cheaper than it was during and I'm glad I didnt wait.

    I still need another dash cam but deal went off and came back $10-20 ish more expensive. So I'll just wait. Need a dashcam micro sd card.

    Checked Amazon for some things that were the same price but they just slapped a BLACK FRIDAY tag on them … wtf?

  • Nothing..I see things I want but I don't need. I am tempted on the playstation plus and that's probably the only thing I may just buy before Monday.

    • I changed my mind and bought 2 things I needed and 1 indulgent item..So I spent a little over $110 I'd say. But no more after that.

  • +6

    Spent $3529.56+ on the Week of Black Friday
    $2899 on Alienware Aurora R12 Gaming Desktop i5 11400F, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, RTX 3080Ti $2899 Delivered @ Dell eBay
    $199 on Sony WH1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Overhead Headphones $199 Delivered @ Amazon AU
    $159 Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard (Free Postage)
    $109 Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse - Grey/Graphite $109 + Delivery ($0 with Kogan First) @ Kogan
    $89 on Dr Martens Dr. Martens Cabrillo Chukka Boots Color Gaucho Size US 7-14, $89 Delivered @ Amazon AU
    $50 Dickies Men's Multi-pack Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks @ Amazon AU
    $24.56 on Kingston DataTraveler Exodia DTX/256GB Flash Drive USB 3.2 Gen 1 - with Protective Cap and Keyring in Multiple Colours @ Amazon AU

    • Lets not stop there :D
      Cyber Monday coming up!

  • +4

    $33 on that PS + 1 year membership

  • Australia's BF/CM deals are not much of a discount compared to the US.

    If they ever match the discounts the US do then that will be the day when it becomes a major thing.

  • Got myself a couple Asus routers and some Venetian blinds. The sales this year are pretty average compared to last year especially the lightening deals on amazon. Nothing too exciting. I was holding out for Ecovacs N8 Pro but no deals on that one sadly.

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