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[PS4, XB1] Lizard Skin DSP Controller Grips $9 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Lizard Skin DSP Controller Grips for PS4 and Xbox One controllers, the non-black colours are discounted to $9 and the black ones a bit more expensive. These are not for everyone but I do find some of my controllers a bit slippery to grasp and these grips can help reduce the amount of pressure I'm using on my wrists during long gaming sessions.

Note these are adhesive stick-on grips, they are not slip-on covers for your controllers - you cannot easily transfer them from one controller to another without likely losing the original adhesive.

Most of them in-store have a grip sample on the outside of the case for you to feel whether the grip is right for you.

Each pack has two stick-on grips for the front and two grips for the back. Not as complicated as applying a screen protector on your smartphone, there are basic paper instructions on how to apply the grips to your controller.

PS4 links
PS4 Emerald Green - $9, RRP $29
PS4 Polar Blue - $9, RRP $29
PS4 Jet Black - $19, RRP $29
PS4 Black Camo - $19, RRP $34

Xbox One links
XB1 Crimson Red - $9, RRP $29
XB1 Jet Black - $9, RRP $29
XB1 Black Camo - $12, RRP $34

There are also some PS5 grips on sale at JB Hi-Fi for $19:
PS5 links
PS5 Polar Blue - $19, RRP $29
PS5 Jet Black - $19, RRP $29
PS5 Black Camo - $19, RRP $34

At the time of writing, Amazon only price-matched two PS4 grips:
PS4 Emerald Green - $9 at Amazon AU, 3 in stock
PS4 Polar Blue - $9 at Amazon AU, 1 in stock

Final note - EB Games started this discounting price war on grips last week but are selling PS4/XB1 grips at $14.98. They do have $9 grips for Nintendo Switch controllers as well as a wider range of colours, including a black one for Xbox Series X controllers:
Switch Joy-Con Emerald Green - $9
Switch Joy-Con Crimson Red - $9
XB1 Emerald Green - $14.98
PS4 Crimson Red - $23
XSX Black - $23

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    I have one. They are great!

    I installed the Xbox one on the sx controller and it was just fine.

  • Thanks Bengal Tiger! Bought the polar blue PS4 from Amazon 😃

  • I wonder if they'll leave sticky residue once taken off?

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