Domino's Make The Best Thickshakes!

Have any of you ever tried the vanilla malt or chocolate malt milkshakes from Dominos?

They surprised me and are easily the best milkshakes I've ever had!

There's a code to get a cheap one too if you're yet to try it.

287159 $2.95 Thickshake from 3-5pm on Weekdays

If any of you guys have tried it and feel the same, back me up here and give credit where it's due, well done dominos!!!

If you work there, please tell me the ingredients.

If you've had better, let us know!

I had one in America, there's a very different. It was 2 inches above the rim of the cup and had to eat it with a spoon. Was basically just ice cream with mix-ins.

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    If you work there, please tell me the ingredients.

    Trust me. You don't want to know.

    • +2

      Is it made from pig?

      Think smaller and more legs

    • Please spill the beans so I can either make it myself or be disgusted and never want them again.

      • Not sure about their exact ingredients, but you can buy powder malt from coles etc and add it to your DIY thick/milkshake.

        • Yeah ive been on that stuff for years. So yum!

  • +1

    Smells like spam, post not the thickshake.

    • No worse than that Carl’s jnr posting fella that also kinda smells like spam.

    • Lol you think a dominos robot would go lurk in a small subsection of an obscure website, to try only 2 of the flavours of their thickshakes that have been out for ages and also do it via someones account who has been a registered member for years?

      • -1

        Spam happens. Posts get taken down regularly for spamming. Look at the monthly transparency reports. Your unrestrained, effusive review is an excellent example of spam.

        • After looking up what effusive means….the whole point of oz bargain is to be and post effusively.

          "Hey guys, check out this awesome deal! You'll be glad I shared it! You're welcome!"

  • +3

    It was 2 inches above the rim of the cup

    Yes it was…..

  • +1

    I agree. Vanilla malt = 🤤🤤🤤

  • Can confirm, their thickshakes are the best. I was getting them every week as a cheat at one point.

    • +1

      Pretty sure that'll undo months of work in one cup.

  • I found it way too sweet, I had to add some milk to even it out a little

    • It's thick enough to do that though, right!

      • Definitely value for money

  • Agree. They are the best 😋

  • Yes, I too love Dominos thickshakes. Their pizza and side dishes are also great, it takes me back to Italy every time I eat Dominos. (Sponsored comment - please remove when posting).

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