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[Back Order] Nestle After Eight Dinner Mint Chocolates $4.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Can't say I've ever seen these on sale at Amazon. Usually $7+ now only $4.99

EDIT: Now on backorder.

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  • They were on sale at coles booragoon (Perth) for $4 about 3 weeks ago. I regret not buying more.

    • Coles link
      They’ve been $4 or 2 for $8 past 2 or 3 weeks

      • Good deal still but they're the 200g, these are 300g.

        • Ah makes sense I thought the box looked shorter.

  • +6

    OMG childhood, totally remember getting these at so many restaurants.

  • +9

    Is it a felony to eat these at 7:59?

    • +3

      Yes, that would be definitely not allowable. Strictly after 8pm only.

    • +3

      You'll be arrested by Oompa Loompas

    • +1

      Not sure but to avoid any doubt best to consume after 7:59am for a refreshing breakfast

    • It’s a little-known fact that daylight savings was invented so that the elites could legally consume After Eight mints an hour earlier

  • +5

    Feel like I've gone in a time machine and gone back to 1985! After dinner mints ftw.

  • +5

    Are you after 8? Because you are looking mint

    • Has this line worked before? Asking for a friend.

  • +3

    ooohh always up for a bit of sophisticated indulgence…. but still scoff them like a pig - albeit a very sophisticated one.

  • +2

    Oh man do these take me back.

    • Back to the future?

  • +1

    I hate Nestle so much but bought 3 dammit…

  • Lol the pack in the listing expired March 2018 (!), plus TIL that two after dinner mints is one service - usually 1/2 box is a serving for me :P

    • +1

      I get them on a regular basis, never had an issue with expiry dates. Just in case anyone was worried these are nearing expiry/expired.

  • Pretty sure you can get two for $8 at coles at the moment if you missed out!

    • 200g packs as opposed to 300g

      • Thanks for that, my bad!

  • Catch have 2 for $9.98

  • +1

    Fk nestle

  • +3

    Childhood flashback:

    These were saved only for when the guests came over, and only when we could sit at the good dining table, which was NEVER used otherwise. Ever.

    I of course would find them hidden in the pantry and smash half a packet. The consequences of a broken wooden spoon on my backside was worth it.

    But yes, to be given one or two of these after dinner mints when guests came over was…. heaven. I felt like the luckiest kid ever.

    That, and Viennetta ice cream. Wohwohweewa…. kings of the world when that came out on a white doily and glass cake stand thing. It was like the Queen was here.

    Good times.

    • +2

      smash half a packet

      That’s Amazon delivery for ya…

    • Look at mr moneybags here with a good dining table.

  • Any different to before 8pm chocolates?

    • +1

      Stop the kids scoffing them all…

  • OOS… Literally see the button buy now disappearing.

  • These piss all over After Dinner Mints from a great height.

  • If you've' ordered these from Amazon, I'd keep an eye out for the postie - wouldn't want UK chocolates to be on the porch for long in the recent heat.

  • And to think I just cancelled my Prime account!

    • all a friend with prime to purchase for you. gives you an excuse to catch up.

  • I got some last year, all melted as they were left on the porch. I now get the ones from Aldi, just as good I think.

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    Minimum 3

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