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[eBay Plus] Samsung 3.1.2 Channel Q-Series Soundbar & Wireless Subwoofer HW-Q600A/XY $417.05 (Was $799) @Powerlandau via eBay


Samsung 3.1.2 Channel Q-Series Soundbar & Wireless Subwoofer HW-Q600A/XY

✓ Q-Symphony
✓ Adaptive Sound
✓ True Dolby ATMOS & DTS:X
✓ Samsung Acoustic Beam Technology
✓ Experience cinematic sound in your lounge room
✓ Adds depth and surround sound effects to standard audio
✓ Synchronised sound from your TV and Soundbar

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  • Plus postage $38.00 for me

  • I've got a LG G1 Evo 65" TV, looking for a soundbar mainly for when watching movies. Would this be any good? I dont have one now, and no experience with sound bars at all.

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      It depends on your budget, if your budget is below 500. This soundbar will be more than enough. But if you can stretch it to 1k. Look for the Q800A or LG SN11RA (on sale for $998 - Appliance online I think).

      • Thanks, appreciate the suggestions, I'll have a look into them.

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          You're welcome. I have the LG CX, bought the Samsung Q950T last year. I find Samsung soundbars are more powerful than LG. However, I returned it because of some issues, then bought an LG SN11RG (last year's model). It works well, seamless integration with the TV. Not as powerful as the Samsung soundbar but almost all of the features work well.

          • @AirJordan23: Thanks mate, I'll check out both of them. Will prefer an LG if the integration is better.

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              @Trishool: You're welcome mate, here to help fellow OZbargaineers.

    • Use Samsung SWA-9100S 2.0 Channel Wireless Rear Speaker Kit to enhance your experience

  • Recently picked up a 55" C1 and looking to pair a sound bar with it. Will need to place something under the C1 to raise the height of it unfortunately :(
    How does this compare to Sony HT-Z9F?
    Reviews suggest that the Samsung has better sound quality, but Sony has eARC while Samsung doesn't. Does this make a big difference?
    Sony one is going for $675 atm.

    Is the Sony worth the extra $260 for eARC and its features? RTings review seemed to indicate that the Samsung has slightly better sound.

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      Check out the LG SP8YA, I was comparing the 3 and it sounded the best to me


      JB can get close on price.

      • Thanks Sammy! This one seems to fit the bill quite well. I'm no audiophile but more research I do, the more my budget magically goes up! This LG appears to be better than the one posted by OP, but of course at a higher price.
        Checked on eBay and can find this for $545 (eBay Plus) for a refurb. Might be the way to go on this one.

    • Do you need a soundbar? Would speakers be possible?

      • Unfortunately, no space for speakers so sound bar it is. Even hard to find space for the sub.

        • So just the one soundbar with no extra speakers and no sub?

          • @onlinepred: Might be able to fit the sub since it's wireless, but def no space for 2 speakers.

  • Thanks, OP, order placed.

    This one has a pretty decent review on rting, seems like a good cheap alternative than 800 and 950.

    Hope it works fine with my Sony TV.

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