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Edifier R12U Active USB-Powered Speakers (White or Red) $14.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Copy paste from previous deal.

Cheapest as per camel camel camel.

Came across this, which seems pretty good value.

Red version

Both sold by Amazon AU.

It says 4 Watt in the listing, but it also says "1 kilowatt_hours", so you may want to install seatbelts.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
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  • If I buy a Bluetooth audio transmitter for my tv for this, would there be audio lag? Is that a transmitter issue or a receiver issue?

    • Your tv speakers might be better than this

    • I wouldn't recomment these speakers for watching movies…or anything really….

      • Ah, fair enough.

  • Downloading seatbelts at the moment

  • These were disappointing, I thought they had a USB soundcard built in but you still need to connect via headphone as well.

    Pretty sure the right hand side one of mine was busted. The speaker that works sounds pretty good for what they are but they are only for adding sound to stuff that doesn't have sound already. IE, as said above, your TV speakers are probably better.

  • Might be good xmas kringle gift. Laptop speaker or this?

    • Laptop speakers are tiny. Haven't heard these but just based on size, these should be better than using nothing at all on a laptop.

      My use case here would to be to project sound in a classroom environment. Laptop speakers are too soft for a YouTube video for the kid in the back to hear. These do the trick as a "loudener".

  • +1

    Black is also available for slightly more at $16

  • If you're thinking these are worth a punt at $15, like I did, I would suggest you save the money and put it towards a better set. These sound servicable at best, and are very light so are easy to knock off your table. My cheap portable Bluetooth speakers sound better than these although they did cost a little more. 2/5. Would not recommend.

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