Why Is My ShopBack “Pending” and “Calculating” My 12% ShopBack Return on My Expedia Purchase?

Hi just wondering if @gotyourback can help me out with my query! I booked a holiday on Wednesday for January through the 12% Expedia bonus and my notifications are saying calculating/pending the only other time this has happed to me has been with EBay where it would of only been a few cents (or in a 0.00% back category even) and it’s been rejected but this time is a couple of hundred dollars so I thought I would chase it up? I did get the email and it said in the transaction summary $0.00 I can no longer find that Email though 🤦🏻‍♀️ Or do I just need to wait and relax till after my holidays to have it calculated?

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    This is why I only use cash rewards now. Shopback too inconsistent and arguably dodgy.

    Also, in my experience, if an issue like this, shopback do SFA (generic reply emails) while cash rewards generally fix it straight up.

    My 2c.

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      Shopback too inconsistent and arguably dodgy.

      I wouldn’t have agreed with that until today when my expensive purchases didn’t track and they’re just making up every excuse under the sun to get away with it.

      • Hey @ChillBro, could you please send me a DM with some info and your account email so I can take a look into this?


        • Have just DM'ed, would be fantastic if this was sorted out.

  • Thanks I’ll look further into cash rewards for further purchases

  • Expedia appear to be terrible at confirming cashback. Ive got 2 pending transaction from bookings from July and August. Both To top it off im trying to submit a inquiry and the site just going to blank screen after i submit the inquiry. Usually have no issues with Shopback, but these 2 rewards just arent going through.

  • These cashback sites. They say you can't use any coupons unless they are from the rewards site. Fair enough.

    I installed the SHOPBACK chrome extension and went through the SHOPBACK website to First Choice Liquor and the 10% off sitewide ad popped up within the shopback banner, that purchase hasn't been acknowledged. The one i made without the coupon has.

    • Hey @askme69.

      I understand it might seem like ShopBack/Cashrewards are responsible for all the tracking/failure of tracking, but it's not quite how it works.
      The brands we work with use Affiliate Networks to track and report your order to us.
      We use their links, which carry our unique tags to identify what store your order was placed at, what time, how much was spent and which advertiser you clicked through last.

      If any errors occur, it's typically an error with the Affiliate Network tracking.

      That said, I'm always more than happy to assist in any way possible.
      If you'd like to send me a DM with your account email, I can take a look and advise on how to proceed?


      • If any errors occur, it's typically an error with the Affiliate Network tracking.

        …they must all use the same affiliate network then. That explains it.

  • Hey @maccat57, thanks for letting me know this.

    Could you please send me a DM with your account email so I can take a look into this for you?
    As a store account, I cannot initiate DM conversations.


    • Sorry I only just signed up today to ozbargain and it says I can’t PM you yet

      • That's ok, if you give it 24 hours and DM me I'd be happy to help then!

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