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Burgers or Rolls for $5 (Deliveries Only, Free Shipping with Minimum $25 Spend) @ Red Rooster


Who goes to Red Rooster right? Well there is $5 burger or roll deal. (not limited to one) you can try with free delivery min $25 spend. I got 2 flayvas and 3 gravy roast rolls for the fam. You can choose a time slot for delivery and day.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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Red Rooster
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    I don't know if I could do 5 rolls in 1 day, hey I don't give up easy so I just might have a go.
    What's delivery fee if under $25?

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    Haha. Its not for a single person. Yeah if you order under min spend $25 not worth it. I think $9 if not meet min spend.

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      No like a challenge, I will make it for a single person, $9 is mental for delivery, $25 for 5 burgers, hmm

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        You cant order at all unless you reach $25 min spend. I got mixed up with kfc.

        • Ah got ya, no probs.

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            @DisabledUser409314: I commend you to game on to down $5 burgers in one sitting though 👍🏻

            • @Bang1: I would never, I might but I would never.

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      …Its not for a single person…

      …or the reason you are single…

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    Don't forget you can add the '2 Free Pieces Fried Chicken with $25 Spend via Red Rooster Delivery' Voucher!
    Coupon Code: FC2PFF

    And now you can get 10% cashback with Cashrewards!

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      Makes the deal even better. Thanks mate.

    • Code not listed on CR so adding it might not get you the cashback?

      • I can confirm that you can still get cashback on it when using the code.


        • Just because it tracked, doesn’t mean it’ll be approved.

          • @Porthos: True that! I totally forgot about that.
            Though whenever my purchases get tracked by CR it gets approved, and if it's a purchase that they won't accept then it doesn't get tracked at all, that's just from my personal experience. Hopefully it gets approved.

            • @SHiNiGaMi: Plenty of people (including myself) have had it happen that it gets tracked, but then denied, for a variety of reasons. It may still go through, but don’t think just because it tracks = approval.

              I’ve had some that have been tracked with CR, only to be denied later on because they’ve claimed that it’s been denied due to the tracking being with another cashback provider… so I don’t even bother with any CB now.

              • @Porthos: Yeah, you're totally right and i completely agree with everything you've said and I'm aware that others have had purchases tracked that didn't go through. I just totally forgot because I haven't quite experienced it with CR yet, Shopback on the other hand is a different story.

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    Who goes to Red Rooster right?

    Would help if they had more stores.

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