Can a Spider Expert Identify This Spider?

So I found this spider in the house, apologies picture is not very good it was at night. Want to know if this is a venomous spider at all, it did look quite unusual.

Thanks OzB.


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    No idea, but I get a jumping spider kind of feeling from that one. Put a glass over it, slip a piece of light cardboard under it, put spider outside.

    • Oh interesting, I have already put it outside but yeah it makes sense to be a jumper

  • I'm with mapax - he looks like a jumper. Is he small?

    • Relatively small, but not tiny

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    I do not see spinnerets. So maybe trapdoor spider? Trapdoor is harmless.

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    Can a Spider Expert Identify This Spider?

    Most likely, yes.

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    • Oooh it does! Although I can’t see a specific name for it

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      If you install Google Lens on your phone, you can take a picture of it and Google will identify it for you.

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    Looks like a Sprayus Witha Morteinus to me

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      Wrong family. That spider is related to the "Slappae Witha Thongus". Both of these are in the venomous category.

      OP's spider is definitely a Immediatae Releasus Outsideus, as OP's spider is non-venmous and harmless to humans.

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    white tail Jumping spider, they are all good.

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    Ahhh.. OzBargain… Australia's premier internet spider identification website…

    It's part of the Salticidae family. Basically a jumping spider. Scoop it up and take it outside. Jumper spiders are good to have around the garden. They are very effective hunters of pest insects.

    The closest I can think of is "White-banded House Jumper" or Hypoblemum scutulatum, but not convinced 100% because of photos taken with potato from neighbors house.

    Also InB4;
    iT's A FuNNeL WeB sPiDeR
    iT's A wHiTe tAiL sPiDeR
    iT's A TrApDooR sPiDeR
    IT's pOiSiOnOuS!!1!!!!1

  • Pretty common spider also pretty harmless, give him a name and get on with life and be grateful that nature doesn't hate you.

  • Hard to tell from your images, but possibly Adanson's house jumping spider? If so, it is venomous, but generally harmless to humans due to its small size. A bite may cause some redness - but that's about all.

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    It is a Jupiter Jumping Spider. It can bite, but I do not know of any recorded cases and in any case, like all jumping spiders they are harmless to humans.
    Big thank you for releasing it and not killing it like most humans tend to do..

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    Ozbargain spider. After seeing it then you go to ozbargain

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    See if it let’s you turn into Spider-Man.

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    Needs banana for scale. Can’t tell if harmless jumping spider or deadly funnel web due to lack of scale.

  • Do you have a referral code, as I am keen to get one?

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  • Jumping spider, harmless. But fun to watch!
    It's just in the evolution stage of sprouting wings. Dangerous, move to a different planet!

  • "if this is a venomous spider at all,"

    That's pretty much one of the defining features of a spider. I doubt it would see you as prey or bother going out of its way to waste its venom on something to big to internally dissolve then drink.

    It'll make its own way around and clean up mites and fleas in a safer way than morteining the house.

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