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Xiaomi Segway Ninebot Electric Scooter KickScooter Max G30 $749.25 Delivered (Afterpay) ($799.20 eBay Plus 20%) @ Gearbite eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Personally like the M365 Pro 2 better but this is a decent scooter too!
A little heavy though!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +1

    Is this the same as the segway ninebot max or is there differences

    • +1

      Yeah it's the same, G30 mentioned because latest version G30L is closer to M365 Pro 2

  • +2

    I'd love to know if these G30's have the brushless motor that starts with serial 9. It'd be an instabuy if that was the case.

    • +1

      Message the seller surely!

    • +1

      G30P has the Gen 2 Motor …

      • Got mine today and it's the G30P

        • I got mine today and it's also G30P, but I don't know where to check the serial number for motor. I looked at the labels on scooter but cannot find anything start with 9.

  • This is a great price! :D

  • +5

    And come to think JB Hi-Fi are charging $1119 as their sale price for this lmfao

  • How quick is Gearbite shipping to say Western Australia

  • +1

    Why does the title say Xiaomi in it? Is this not just the standard Segway scooter??

    • +2

      Xiaomi owns the Segway company.

      • +1

        No shit. Didn’t know that

      • Read how Xiaomi bought out Segway, it's pretty dodgy, they basically copied Segway, and then buy out Segway to avoid lawsuit.

        • I'm just waiting for cars and homes to be built by Xiaomi

        • +1

          I hope xiaomi does that to all other companies as well

  • Where do you put the code !
    Haven’t used eBay in years, lol.

    • +1

      Just in the checkout screen I believe, where you're selecting payment options!

  • Anyone got the $399 Aldi one? It’s about half cost of this Segway.

    • It's pretty much meant for children

      • Didn’t know that XD.

        • +3

          It's the same size as the xiaomi pro 2 which is for adults

          • @geshc: Yeah sorry I was confused with the $349 Segway e10 I purchased from Aldi, which has a recommended age of 8-14.

  • OOS! For real?!

    Been tossing between this and Xiaomi. This seems to be better on waterproofing, but def heavier than Xiaomi

    • Sure is!

      I own both the ninebot max and the mi pro 2

      Love having both worlds :)

      • Geez! May I ask if you come across a puncture issue or water damage with Xiaomi?

        I'm looking for one purely for my commute between home and train station, which is app. 2.5km each way, but will have to take it with me on the train. Apart from that, I don't see myself riding a lot on other occasions. Which one would you recommend?


        • Mi Pro 2 would suit you perfect :)

          Haven't had any issues with punctures yet, but you do get a spare tyre

          • +1

            @Gomo: Thanks mate for your reply.
            I was leaning towards Mi Pro 2 due to the weight factor having to carry it around.
            Oh well, OOS from Gearbite…Will have to wait for next deal.

            • @ja912son: Yeah I'd advise look on youtube to get a better idea on what scooters do what :)

              Or do what I did and buy both haha

              • @Gomo: Nah, mate. Can't afford both.
                Plus garage is too small for both! :)

  • +1

    Can't afford it.

    Would've bought it.

  • +1

    dam..missed it! hope to see it back soon on boxing day sale

  • has anyone received their scooter and noticed the box has been opened before?

  • Did anyone buy this and find out whether it had the Gen 2 motor? I'm trying to make a baseline price so I know when to make a purchase. This would have been the best recent price for the Max G30P.

    • Yes

      • That's incredible!! I wish I bought this now hahaha

        • Yeah I've had the gen1 and the gen2. The motor definitely feels more powerful and it's more of a joy to ride. This deal was a steal.

          • @shaibankek2: Technically the Gen 1 is supposed to feel more powerful as it has a lot more torque. The Gen 2 has a higher max speed and is more efficient cause it's a brushless motor.

            One or my friends have their Max modded and are reaching 59kmh on it using Gen 2 motor hehe.

        • I am having mine replaced and they told me next shipment will arrive 3 Jan.

          • @RTY: just curious why did you replace your previous order? Mine appeared to be a return/refurb, I've been trying to get it exchanged too!

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