Facebook Market Place Fraud - Ad Stays up

I saw a ring that interested me listed as being in my neighbourhood, Devonport Tasmania. Ad said needed to sell urgently today. I enquired and was told person is in Hobart right now (300km away), but can mail it. I said I could pay $50 now and rest later when they return and I can get the ring from them. That was agreed and I did a bank transfer.

That was the end. No more answers to any of my messages but I eventually got some weird message about being sick and in isolation… then never heard again. The ad is still up, 3 weeks later… I've reported it to Facebook several times.

Why doesn't Facebook do anything abut these people and fake ads???


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    • that's awesome, did it go to cyber crimes or was it just a highly motivated local office?

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        Cyber crimes! They said it was quite common and seems like they had a very standardised process for these type of scams. I had almost forgotten about it after all those years.

  • Lol. Seller using their real names?

    Must be new to this game…

  • All these photos and not one of them has the ring in focus.
    Sorry about the situation OP

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    Facebook is a haven for scammer sellers and scammer website ads. They don't give a f as long as they keep getting paid revenue from ad sales and data selling

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    Man she looks real shady!

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    Why doesn't Facebook do anything abut these people and fake ads???

    Because it costs Facebook money to police it. They have to hire and pay employees to investigate.

    Compare it to credit card fraud. When you report fraudulent charges to your bank's security team they often scare you with the threat it will cost X amount of $$$ if transaction is not fraudulent. Its cheaper for Visa and Mastercard to write off the loss then to pursue.

    Considering Facebook marketplace makes next to no profit for your classified listing its even less reason to spend ongoing $ on a security team + investigations team + extra moderators.

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    $50 is nothing. I bought a laptop for 1000 and the guy send me rocks in the box.

    • Why did he bother with the rocks; why not just send the box and air and incur lower postage?

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        Proof of weight in the postage receipt.

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        why not just send the box and air

        because it wasn't Macbook Air.

      • I don't know, when there is not buyer protection, it is important to meet, inspect then pay.

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    Everyone should spam the is it still available button, if we get replies then request to send it to walterVP's alter ego

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    Welp, I decided to play along with this scammer. Let's see if I get my ring :D


    • the poor girl…she was in Bothwell TAS just a few days ago with another aunt who has cancer :/ …who wants to start a GFM collection for her???….no! the F stands for FUND! :/

    • The seller removed the item after receiving a nice message from me

      • What did u say?

    • wheres their confirmation reply? And did you actually pay them $75 or made up that screenshot so it looks real but its really a faked screenshot?

      • Ahaha, thats a fake screenshot. I didn’t follow up or hear from the seller though

  • Facebook market place is the new gumtree… And yeah why would Facebook care? they often let explicit material left out in the open on peoples fake profiles etc.

  • Saw this on Facebook…


    Is it genuine?

    • Everything priced 80% cheaper, plus there is a official rmwilliams.com.au site? I'm gonna take a guess and say no…

      • They have done a pretty good job of it though.

  • Haha I was randomly checking my spam folder and I originally sent Hello, is this scam still available ? whens the court date… and their reply:

    No one is a scammer thanks and its not Eugene doing the sale thanks and people get the items I've sold


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