Facebook Market Place Fraud - Ad Stays up

I saw a ring that interested me listed as being in my neighbourhood, Devonport Tasmania. Ad said needed to sell urgently today. I enquired and was told person is in Hobart right now (300km away), but can mail it. I said I could pay $50 now and rest later when they return and I can get the ring from them. That was agreed and I did a bank transfer.

That was the end. No more answers to any of my messages but I eventually got some weird message about being sick and in isolation… then never heard again. The ad is still up, 3 weeks later… I've reported it to Facebook several times.

Why doesn't Facebook do anything abut these people and fake ads???


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    Why doesn't Facebook do anything abut these people and fake ads???

    They dont give a shit…

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      They just tell you to block them.

      They are more interested in AUTOMATICALLY blocking out people that go against their propaganda machine

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    I'd be voting with my feet to leave a service that encourages fraud and scams, but I'm not on Meta.

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      PSA: It's still Facebook. Meta is just the parent company that owns Facebook. In the same way that it's still Google, not Alphabet.

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        Do you think they will be taking a more principled stance on Insta or What’sApp?

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          Bad parents raise bad kids. Meta is a bad parent company… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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            @trankillity: Here, you dropped this:


            • @Chandler: Actually, MS dropped it. The shrug emoji in the emoji dialog (Win+.) doesn't have it.

              • @trankillity:


                ☜(゚ヮ゚☜) TIL!

                Not sure if there's a way for MS to pickup if a particular character needs to be escaped… (on OzBargain (among others), to type a \ you need to type it twice)

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                  @Chandler: Ohhh, classic escape characters. Thanks for the reminder! Makes perfect sense now.

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    Maybe if there were multiple reports on that seller, otherwise, how would Facebook know if the seller is dodgy or you're a competitor/vengeful previous seller/buyer?

    Best rely on yourself rather than FB.

  • I'd be more worried about getting my $50 than anything else.

    Have you initiated a charge back yet OP?

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      Have you initiated a charge back yet OP?

      Charge back on a bank transfer? No such thing!

      That money is lost. It is as if OP sent a gift of $50 to the scammer.

      OP broke the golden rule - should have met face to face.

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        Yeah, what's this about charge back I keep hearing after a Bank transfer is done. Is that possible, cause I doubt it?

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          You’re literally replying to the answer with the question.

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            @Ridiculous Panda: i am saying I have my doubts, but asking to be enlightened if someone had information to this otherwise.

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              @TilacVIP: The information you're asking to be enlightened with was given to you in no uncertain terms.

              There's no such thing as a charge back on a bank transfer. Which part of that is unclear?

              • @CocaKoala: You can do a trace and recall, it's not guaranteed but closest thing to a "charge back" TilacVIP may be confused with the terminology and your black and white answer.

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                  @Settero: That sounds plausible. But given the amount is $50, I doubt that the bank will go out of their way to do anything at all. Their first response is likely going to be along the lines of a shrug followed by reminding the OP that they transferred the funds out of their account on their own accord.

                  • @CocaKoala: It doesn't matter if it is $1 any bank who has signed to for ASIC's ePayments code must attempt to recover the money for you.

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                      @spaceflight: I wonder if banks in Australia have ever been fined for not doing what they should ideally be doing. The answer is: all the time.

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                        @CocaKoala: your responses are negative and unhelpful to OP not sure why you bother, looks like you are trying to double down on bad advice.

                        no further response from me.

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                          @Settero: Everything I stated is 100% factual, so I don't particularly care if some random person imagined it to be negative or unhelpful or anything else absurd.

                          no further response from me.

                          No need to tell in the future, it will be obvious if you don't respond.

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      In some cases banks will investigate and reverse bank transfers if they are satisfied it is a clear case of fraud. I'm not saying they will in this situation, but doesn't hurt to ask them.

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        OP authorised the transaction. The bank will not care even if its a clear case of fraud.

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          There is a process to recover mistaken transactions

          Mistaken transactions
          You are likely to get your money back if it is still in the recipient's account and if you report it to your bank:
          within 10 business days
          after 10 business days — but it will take longer to get your money back
          after seven months — if the recipient agrees to the refund

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            @spaceflight: Yes but my point is, in this particular transaction, it was authorised and not a mistake to the destination of the account details it was going to. Whether the other end honouring their side of the deal is a different story. The only mistake here is OP purchasing it, the transaction itself is not a mistake.

          • @spaceflight: I tried this and they didn’t give two hoots. If the person ignores it then it’s stiff $hit

  • Ding ding ding ding we have a winnerrrrr

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    I said I could pay $50 now and rest later when they return and I can get the ring from them. That was agreed and I did a bank transfer.

    Please, for our sake (and yours), cash only on Marketplace, Gumtree, etc.

    If you check their profile they have 2 ads for same item, Davenport (now only $85) and Launceston.

    Why doesn't Facebook do anything abut these people and fake ads???

    Because they'd have to investigate it and that costs resources and money. Also, they are assuming people only pay cash and so no investigation is needed.

    PS: If you manage to get the ring, only pay $35 for the balance. Good luck.

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      lol.. also listed for $100 on the Melbourne group..

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    I particularly like the out of focus photo with staging of the ring on the toilet paper roll, with the home brand disinfectant as the backdrop. Very edgy.

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      I mean, that alone would raise some red (or brown?) flags for me.

  • On her facebook you can read the seller is getting married in about 10 days, maybe she is not worried about facebook, ad and ring that much at the moment. Just wait, it might come good.

    • That explains why she needed the money. It is going to be a hell of a party!

    • Just wait, it might come good.

      It won't. I just messaged her. Ring is still available.

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    Fifty bucks will more than cover the costs of proxying, accounts and PVA so they're already ahead. Onto the next victim!

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      Just asked if still available, and was told yes….

      Adamant on not selling it cash in hand, slippery as a fish, constantly promising post and proof ….

      Why do people do that ?

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        Because some people are just scum. They'll sell their own mother for $20. Throw in another $5 and they'll let you punch their old woman in the gut during the exchange.

        It's up to the buyer to exercise due diligence while dealing in dodgy places like arsebook or scumtree. If cash in hand isn't an option I simply don't buy or sell. That policy has worked out good for me so far.

        • I was trying / am trying to profile people and find out what the underlying reason is. The facebook page seemed genuine, but on the other hand, it could just be people being used to lie to people, that their whole life is a "make-up-bs" story.

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    Why use Facebook when they care nothing about any of the ads that appear on their service? It's all just $$ for them …

    Remember, when a product is free (ie facebook), YOU are the product (that is facebook determined you were a candidate to click on that ad link and served you the ad knowing there was a fair chance you would click it, based on all the data they have about you)!

    • Because Facebook marketplace is a goldmine for bargains.

      I've made thousands of dollars this year just from buying items and then reselling them.

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    You think after all of the Meta scandals and lies over the years that they would do anything to stop this when they cannot stop issues that affect millions of people.

    Some of the scandals are in the following post:

    • It has been flogged and it's now left to die ( Facebook that is)

  • was it JayLana you were buying it from?

  • I went to the link to have a look and saw this in the "related ads":


    Who buys this used stuff? lol.

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      oh come on! Only $35 and still has tags :D :D :D Buy it for the wife Bob :P

      • haha I swear they've put those tags back on because the actual garmet looks well used! 🤣

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          “Never used, very comfortable”

          … but how would she knooooow?!

    • Who buys this used stuff?

      It's a big fetish in parts of the world. Apparently, in Japan, they even have vending machines where people can buy used women's underwear.

      Another useless fact from me that no one cares about /jk

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        They're specific there though and only want the used underwear of "young" girls! haha

        I don't think the seller of that item in the link I posted fits that description!

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    Member Since

    Should have known better by now, surely?

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      Member since 10/06/2020. Still thinks it's cool to post people's membership details.

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    Ring is still available, I just asked the seller, its a scam

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      OP never received it, so of course it's still available!

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    Any deals on ring sizers?

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    Stop using meta/facebook, they don't give a shit about you and is actively profiting off civil wars around the globe.

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    It looks like she is desperate for money.

    To everyone that knows me and knows my situation with immigration and my new family now I'm facing deportation and I have our wedding planned for December 9th but need $600 to pay for it so if 10 or so mates can put $50 in even. It will make everyone's dream come true where we will be happily married and they can't take me out the country. All paper work is done and date set but need payment of $600 by that date. I wouldn't be asking but times have been tough and difficult for us if you can please help in anyway inbox me for further details


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      I guess OP did their part to "make everyone's dream come true"

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      Other scammers are downvoting this.

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      Why is this person getting downvoted? They did an extra 2 minutes of digging that the OP should have done and discovered that this person is a hustler.

      Is it because the post mentions immigration and deportation and it's a super touchy subject in the lore of this forum?

      Anyone who checks the daily' OzBargain posts of the day should know by now to never direct deposit randoms via marketplace and if you have to, always DYOR.

      Get a grip downvoters, don't dig at Ms Bargainer for setting a good example.

  • just spent 5 mins for the first time, 30% of it is scams. What a cesspool

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    Finally taken off Facebook! I think the few of us that looked and reported it helped!!! Thanks everyone we are making this world a better place…. I just think it is so important to have a local swap and sell place on line to avoid buying cheap stuff from forced labour camps in China and wherever! And most things just aren't used. Even the fact we all have a drill and a lawnmower etc and only use them once a month. We need to find a way to better share and swap our resources. Same with fashion. Most women seen to wear things a couple of times or never before discarding them.

    I trust human kind and try to trust, even don't mind losing a few dollars here or there in the process. I am reasonably careful and understand that when I do a bank transfer it can be wasted. I prefer cash from these sites. Gumtree and eBay I will only pay with PayPal, plus I try to avoid these sites…

    Clearly i'm not phobic about germs :)

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      I trust human kind and try to trust, even don't mind losing a few dollars here or there in the process.

      Well done 👍

      You're the perfect target for scammers!

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      The link still works and goes to the same ad, so it's still on there.

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      You've just been blocked mate by the seller. Ads will still show for everyone else.

    • Ad is definitely still up, in multiple locations.

    • They just blocked you. I can see all their ads and their profile.

    • When you report it doesn't get taken off Facebook just your feed.. the add is still up and alot of people are saying they can still see it..

  • I got scammed to..

    Bought an Xbox one on market place, paid the money etc, then they ghosted me. Now the advert, their profile and their side of the messaged chat is all gone!

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      Hey boss I have a beach side bungalow in Bankstown that I’d love to sell to you.

      • Does it have a Kayo Account included…Interested…

        • +1

          Sure does

    • No, you did not buy an Xbox.

      You did send a random some money.

  • Well that was such an obvious SCAM!

    You would think that informed OBs would know better!

    Let me tell you all to stay well away from "Carousell"

    Nearly every listing is a scam!

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    “No more answers to any of my messages but I eventually got some weird message about being sick and in isolation… then never heard again.”

    Clearly, they caught COVID and sadly, passed away. Think of your $50 as a compassionate donation to their funeral expenses.

  • That was agreed and I did a bank transfer.

    So was the price "too good to be true" that you needed to send a deposit..?

  • Facebook and scumtree are cash only in person trades. Anything else is a gamble and the odds are stacked against you.

  • -1

    Always PayPal purchase (goods/service). If they don't use PayPal, move on. Something else will pop up. Not worth the anxiety. Bonus is you get credit card points.

    • Paypal is a favourite of scammers. If it is gumtree or facebook paypal is absolute NO. cash in person only.

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    Why on earth would you want to buy some dodgy ring sight unseen and give them cash upfront, going through their profile looks like a typical crackhead they even "sold" their IPHONE XS MAX 64GB for $170 (which that looked like a scam too) that would ring alarm bells, Report them to ACORN and move on


  • The person is still replying to the messages. I just messaged and got a reply back.

    You can contact them using a different Facebook account.

    BTW, the item is still available.

  • Why doesn't Facebook do anything abut these people and fake ads???

    To answer your question, I cant get exact numbers on listings but, Facebook Marketplace has more than 1 Billion visitors each month. This should provide some context on how many listings there are.

    Which army/country of people will audit these listings? As well as posts and comments.

  • They left it there for training and for people to learn

  • +1

    I think she needed it to stay in the country…

    Interesting that FB username appears to be Eugene Paneta. And google that name

    • Pay walled

    • Can't read to story in the Mercury damn it! How sad that they need money for the wedding…should we all donate??? haha…and auntie has cancer etc etc etc …and no, not available for a buyer to inspect and pickup the ring etc etc etc…..but if you pay up it will be sent….what a joke!

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    Reported it as scam, not sure if it will help but doesnt seem to be a lot of other options with these

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    Gee whiz her profile is sobering. I'd almost feel bad for them if it wasn't for the whole thieving thing…
    That poor kid doesn't stand a chance :(

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    Post your concern on Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page.

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    • +1

      the only thing that will "tear the clan apart" is child services, overdose or jail time.

    • IzzySabba Lana Jay
      July 19
      "Hay everybody I'm proud to tell you after 2 years 1 month of urines hair follicle tests we today received our beautiful daughter Izzy back home for good to make our family complete"

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    I've been scammed purchasing through forums before (Overclockers Australia), and when reported to the police, they investigated and located the scammer.

    The reporting process was quite seemless, much thanks to the admins of the forums for supplying a lot of the data on the user, and I'm guessing the police would just cross reference it with the bank details that was given to me.

    A few years later, I got a letter in the mail that had a bank cheque for the amount I was scammed, plus a letter of apology.

    It's not instant karma, but it was very pleasing to know that the police took the matter serious enough to follow up on it.

    It was a $800 purchase, so maybe there's a threshold for when it's worth bothering, and maybe this $50 is just a cheap lesson to be learnt.

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