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Yes, been there done that. You could go to legal aid and get advice. Or invest in a lawyer to sort it out. A few hundred dollars will save...
05/01/2021 - 10:23
Save all the receipts for when you can. I think you’ll find your debts will shrink once he pays his 50%
05/01/2021 - 03:14
Is there anything in your divorce decree to say who is responsible for education, medical and dental expenses? I doubt it would be 100%...
04/01/2021 - 23:58
Let me know what you find out. It’s cheap to file so even just to send him a bailiff will be good haha
04/01/2021 - 21:14
Take him to small claims court over half the braces! Half the total cost, not the balance.
04/01/2021 - 20:36
These are amazingly sharp for such a cheap knife, so versatile. I call it my Nonna knife because they all use these for tomatoes haha
28/12/2020 - 19:22
As a restaurant manager I feel you should feel wronged. I have had people quibble about paying extra $3 to add chicken to a meal. Did they...
24/12/2020 - 00:29
Woohoo! These are the bomb diggetty!
04/11/2020 - 22:25
The last thing I’d use on my phone, the last Kmart charger effed up my phone big time.
26/10/2020 - 21:32
You cannot get back paid till March, that window was closed months ago. Employers have till October 31st to back pay employees from 28...
16/10/2020 - 23:08
You’ll have to spend more on an extension cord. The one that come attached is not even a metre long.
16/09/2020 - 20:58
Yes! Calorie counting, tracking and being in a calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight. You should add some strength training too....
12/09/2020 - 21:36
Sounds like an episode of extreme cheapskates. Don’t you even boil water for a tea or coffee?
05/09/2020 - 00:46
You seem kinda inflexible so try to save money on the insurance instead.
01/09/2020 - 09:30
Yeah they’ve always done that. They should have waived it whilst the govt was promoting contactless payments. They sit there behind there...
25/08/2020 - 14:16
No I just got a regular one....... it’s got a blue night on the switch when you turn it on. Mum mum has one too and hers is a year older...
11/08/2020 - 08:36
I got a refund on one. Luckily I kept the docket. I just bought a Kmart one and it’s going great still.
10/08/2020 - 19:34
Pretty sure they throw it away. The did that to me twice
08/08/2020 - 19:49
Someone tried to scam my nephew saying he did a typo and transferred 8800 instead of 8000 and can he please transfer the extra 800 back to...
09/07/2020 - 19:49
Where there’s a will, I wanna be in it.
06/07/2020 - 19:30
Why aren’t you living with your partner? You’re factoring his/ her income and have investments together so why do you say you want to...
03/07/2020 - 22:00
Many employers had to take out a loan to back pay people till March 30.
28/05/2020 - 01:15
It is till he meets his obligations and gets repaid.
28/05/2020 - 01:13
What are these many ways employers are using jk unethically?
28/05/2020 - 01:05
The employer has to pay it first them lodge paper work to get the refund which he won’t get back till the middle of next month so it’s...
28/05/2020 - 00:56
Lack of iron can do this. If you take supplements you need to take them with vit c to help it absorb. Or you may need an iron transfusion.
25/05/2020 - 22:13
Each to their own, some people believe they have been vaccine damaged and I respect that. Just like bible bashers and vegans...... don’t...
19/05/2020 - 17:26
Well my son has to work 9-2. He needs to get there early to sign in and he never walks out at 2. Always finishes off what’s he’s doing...
08/05/2020 - 22:18