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Viofo A129 Plus Duo (with 16GB EMMC) - $187.42 Delivered @ VIOFO AU via Amazon AU


For those that missed out, this one has 16GB EMMC for emergency recording if your memory card fails, so arguably better for slightly more…

Credit to wtfnodeal

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Anyone had any bad experiences with this?
    I had an A119 but that didn't last too long and some of the reviews of this don't give me much confidence that quality has improved..

  • I don't have a dash cam although I've always been tempted.
    This is going to sound stupid but two reasons I haven't got one yet is:
    1.I'm a cheap ass
    2. I feel as thought it would make me more passive aggressive. (Yeah i'm stupid. But I feel as though I'd be less likely to accommodate for people about to breaking road rules: e.g. not giving way when they should or merging without indicating/very late - basically situations where if you were not driving in a way where you expect people do do these dodgy stuff and are ready to hit the break then you would have an accident).

    Would love someone to talk me into getting one.
    P.s. my car doesn't have a reverse parking camera which I always feel would be nice. Can be used in that regard?


    • +2

      Can't really be used as a reversing camera.

      • Cool. thanks.

    • This is a good camera.
      I don't have the plus, just the normal A129 as well as the a119.
      Both have lasted a few Adelaide summers. Black and a red car.

    • I hear you. How did we ever get on before car cameras were a thing?

      I guess it comes down to how much and where you drive. Where you park often. I've thought long and hard about it too. In all my years of driving and incidents, I've had times with dash cams and without, I've never needed to use them. Helpful car insurers and common sense driving habits has worked out so far. Sure, they are there for when you DO need them and people do. But I feel if I start being concerned about this rare occasion, I should start looking at safeguarding other areas of life too without too much cost (eg. house security cam, alarm, pepper sprays, lock windows at night, get a safe…). Not sure where it ends.

      But if submitting to Dash Cam Owners Australia is your thing, go for it! 😜

    • Get your motorbike licence, put a gopro on your helmet and ride for a couple of years.

      If you're still alive, the dashcam won't make you more passive aggressive.

      • Fair call.
        Tbh if you want to stay alive in a motor bike you really need ultra instinct

  • LOL I just bought this for $199 the other day…. Oh well…
    It's replacing my A119 (so I can get front and back) That's been in the car since 2015, so I'm hopeful….

  • Anyone knows if we need micro sd or can just use the emmc

    • +1

      The 16Gb EMMC wont hold much, but you can just use it. It'll just overwrite the recordings once it's full…
      Don't forget it'll be writing 2 video streams (front and back)

      • thanks, what sized card are you using?

        also i wanted to ask does this power on fine with a powerbank? im thinking to plug it into powerbank when parked.

        • I've got a 64Gb card in my A119 but looking at getting a bigger one for the A129 when I get it.

          It should work, but I have not tried plugging it into a powerbank.

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    Thanks op, i finally pulled the trigger to replace 5 yr old A119 V2

  • Great dashcam, my first died within a couple of months and they replaced it. Second has been going strong for 2 years.

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      Great dashcam, my first died within a couple of months

      sarcasm ?

      • No, The dascam is great i'm just outlining the service was also good to get a replacement. Not sure what happened to the first one for it to die.

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    John Kimble…. you legend!!

  • $177 now

    • +1

      Nope, this one is gone and now links to the one without the 16gb emmc which is this deal

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