Yabby Photos, Anybody Know any Good Yabby Recipes?

We caught 3 overnight around the 20cm mark today.
We let them all go because we didn't know how to cook them but may eat them if we catch them again.
What are some good recipes?


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    The vegan option would be to put them back. 😁

    Otherwise, BBQ them as you would normally like prawns, lobster and crabs.

    • I did put him back, was looking for a recipe like garlic mayo yabby or yabby pasta but it looks like bbq is popular

      • BBQ is popular because it's simple. Add a few beers and…perfect! :)

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    Yup, bbq em , and smother with garlic butter….yummmmm

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    If your lucky… very very lucky, you may find some rare recipes if you search on google… but dont hold me to that.

  • Google? What is this thing Google that you speak of?

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    Boil or bbq and then dip into a garlic aioli or bbq and serve with a Greek salad and skordalia.
    Crisp white wine like a Clare Valley Riesling or plenty of wheat beers and away you go!! Cheers! RD :-)

    PS I’ve never tried it with yabbies but the shells might make a great bisque similar to prawns, cray, lobster…..

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