Steering Wheel Cover Vs Wrap?

Toyota Sportivo 2012 steering wheel is flaking at the top. Possibly due to hand sanitizer ive been using regularly the last year so.

Bought a Leather Steering Wheel Cover today at Autobarn (20%- storewide).

Now I was thinking if a wrap would have been a better idea? Maybe I just need to get used to the bigger feel of this cover. I don't think it looks too bad either. (See Pic).

I've got 14 days to return so just seeking opinions on whether the cover is better than a threaded wrap?


  • The thought of steering wheel wraps usually make me cringe but this one doesn't seem to look too bad. Perhaps because the colour matches.

    • No this one is a steering wheel cover!!

      I wasn't sure if I needed a wrap instead!

      • +2

        My bad - I don't really differentiate between the two. They're usually quite ugly!

        This one looks okay though. They probably design them just for Camrys! 😆

        • 🤣 Imitation leather was 19. Real Leather was 32.

          Quality of the Toyota steering wheel is questionable it seems going by online forums!

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      I think a wrap would taste better than leather

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    The cover looks good and I think you'll get used to it pretty quickly. Looks like a G27.

    • Thanks, yeah I will get hopefully get used to it.

      Couldn't justify spending ridiculous money for a new steering wheel haha

  • -1

    Pay a leather place/trimmer to fix your steering wheel. Or get an entire wheel from a wreckers for $250.

    • This. Your steering wheel looks shit and unsafe.

      • YEAH! should get something like this! its heaps cooler!

        • +3

          Airbag delete mod. Nice!

        • To each his own, but…. ewwww….

      • 🤣 Doesn't look that different lol.
        Thanks for your advice though

        Edit: Also it was more unsafe with the loss of grip I had from a peeling wheel than this cover lol.

    • Searched at the wreckers. Nothing can be found.

      Also was quoted $450 for the retrim.

      This cover cost me $25. This is OzBargain right?

      Airbag still can be deployed and the leather on the cover is fairly legit.

      • Searched at the wreckers. Nothing can be found.

        There are a number of them on eBay, just search for Aurion steering wheel. Even cheaper than the $250 I said.

        • Actually I found one. Asking $350 but some peel on the wheel which makes it the same position I am currently in.

          What's so bad with a cover?

          • @iNeed2Pee: There are a number of them. One with no peel, Sportivo, $350 or best offer. Pov pack vinyl for $150, swap over your rh controls. ATX leather with no peel, $300 or best offer, swap over your rh controls. Touring, leather no peel, $175, swap over your rh control. Another touring $200 or best offer, no peel. Etc etc

            What's so bad with a cover?

            They are disgusting and bulky and horrible.

            • @brendanm: Then for it to happen again? 😂

              It does not feel so bulky….and it does not look that bad lol.

              • @iNeed2Pee:

                Then for it to happen again?

                If others from a similar age aren't doing it, there's no reason your has to.

                It does not feel so bulky….and it does not look that bad lol.

                Maybe I just need to get used to the bigger feel of this cover

                If you just want to keep the cover, why start this thread. You do you I suppose.

                • @brendanm: Many many threads about the peeling….

                  Also I started this thread to ask about either a cover vs a wrap….

                  • @iNeed2Pee: They are both terrible choices.

                    • @brendanm: But that’s your own personal opinion. There are lots that blend in with the wheel itself, they don’t have to stand out and be ugly af

  • Possibly due to hand sanitizer ive been using regularly the last year so.

    Woah 😮 how much do you use? You should have wore 🧤

    • Tonnes. As a teacher, they made sure we used it every bloody hour. Just my guess that it was that, never had an issue before.

      • Interesting that your steering wheel started to flake before your hands.? 😬

        • "Soft hands. And a manicure. Never done a hard day's work in your life, have you?"

          Hope you seen Trading Places 😂

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    I don't actually know what a threaded wrap is, but if you're happy with this cover just go with it. You're the one who has to deal with it daily; why care what random strangers on the web think?

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    The cover looks fine. If it doesn't slip, it's safe enough and you will get used to the extra bulk.

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    I had a perfect leather steering wheel cover and moved to Queensland where they made me take it off to pass rego!!! Wtf? Anyways, that was easily done for a day. Nothing worse than sticky crumbling rubber on your hands after driving!

    Buy good quality so it lasts, doesn't slip and looks good . Don't be afraid to spend $50 for the right one, they are like tyres in some sense as you control your car with the steering wheel.

  • Linky for this leather cover please?

  • I suspect that yours is the same problem that I had. Toyota Corolla Hatch (Japan Made) and I was heart broken. I never used anything on my hands. 3 year warranty had expired by 2 years. One company quoted me $500 to repair it and they would have to take the steering wheel away. 'Toyota Service' seemed unsurprised at my problem, and replaced it for $90 labour cost !

    • Mine had a 5 year warranty. Expired in 2017 so at least 4 years out. Worth a call you reckon?

      • I did it in person, but definitely. Although always serviced at Toyota (but a different dealership), they didn't even look at the logbook. It must be a common problem, as the guy finished my sentence when trying to explain it. He called it 'delamination'. He had to check with HQ before he got the 'go ahead,' and HQ sent the part.
        The delamination was in the locations that I hold the wheel.
        Also, whilst still under warranty, I had an annoying rattle in the pax seat. They replaced the seat frame under warranty - much more than I expected. Good-will goes a long way.

        • Might as well give it a go. Won't be disappointed if it doesn't workout, seeings though the warranty is out 4 years.

          Thanks for even bringing it to my attention.

          It does suck because my car is in great condition for its age. Only done 70k in 9 years!
          So bummed a steering wheel can peel like it is.
          Ill use the term you mentioned and just see what they say. Might call a few if I fail haha. I won't be a Karen though.

  • to me the vast majority of cars i've driven, outside of performance models, do not have thick and/or grippy enough rims

    so i'm fine with even a cheap fabric cover

    i'm not a huge fan of how most leather steering wheels actually feel… i think synthetic materials is often even better

    also i'm a bit lazy in that when i eat, i wash fastidiously as i dislike animal grease etc but when i'm working sometimes i'm less diligent so i pass on concrete dust and whatever to the wheel

    so i'd rather pass it onto a cover rather than the wheel itself

  • I had this problem with my WRX. Parking in hot sun (through windscreen) had delaminated the OEM wheel wrap over 6 years. Ended up installing a DIY wrap.
    Here is a Camry stich-on type thin wrap (also custom ones). Comes with a fitting kit (an hour or two). You can see installation on youtube also.

  • My wheel is doing similar. 15y in the sun apparently isn’t real good for it. It seems to get worse if I have wet hands, starts to peel off the coating. I’ve given it some regular leather conditioner, seems to be holding for now but still doesn’t like wet hands.

    Check out some leather restoration products.

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