Question on The Good Guys Delivery from Another Store

Hi all, I am trying my luck as I was unable to reach the goodguys helpline after multiple attempts.
I was after a particular item on sale which was sold out in local store so I set my default store as another store(which had it in stock) which is bit far but within same state and added door to door delivery. I placed the order. Do you think it will be shipped from that store or will they still default me back to my local store and I have to wait for a long time until stock arrives
in the local store?

Thanks in advance !

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  • I would have thought if you can order it online, it shouldn't matter which store has stock

    • I hope that is the case though I have a feeling they do delivery only from local store

      • They will ship from the distribution centre but the credit for the sale will go to the store you selected, so any hassle with delivery will be handled by them.

  • Not sure how the store with no stock will ship it, but hey its 2021… anything is possible.

    • I hope they can deliver from the store I placed order from directly and not have to wait for stock to arrive at the local store.

      • I think they can and will ship from a different store if its with a metro (city) location, but anything over 30 klms may attract a higher delivery fee.

  • They'll prioritise delivery from the closest store, if it's not available from there they work their little invisible magic and have it delivered from a different store. Well that was my experience with coffee pods anyway, took a month and a half before having it delivered from a different store.

    • Thanks , I guess I will wait and watch for a week or so. Otherwise might cancel it if taking too long. Their website seems very busy, I ordered couple of hours ago, can see payment cleared immediately but still no email confirmation of the order at all.

  • +1

    A couple of years back I ordered some stuff at the Mornington VIC store and they delivered from Pt Headland or somewhere like that in WA. Delivery took a while.

  • A bit of a long story but a few years ago (probably 5) I ordered a screen cover for an ereader for $5 on clearance with "free delivery" from the good guys
    4 days letter a huge The Good Guys truck shows up in the driveway at around 6pm with "Geelong" written on the side of it, I lived in the south east suburbs, so it's around 130km/1.5hr drive, the guy gets out of the truck and hands me the ereader case and I mentioned I'm surprised it came from Geelong and he replied "yeah it was assigned to our store, and you're actually our only delivery for today"
    So they drove a giant truck all the way from Geelong to essentially hand deliver a single plastic cover for $5 😂
    I sent them feedback the next day thanking them, but letting them know I would have been just as happy to get it posted or shipped to a local store for pickup…

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