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1MORE Comfobuds Pro Bluetooth Earphones, ANC $65.10 Delivered @ 1MORE via Amazon AU


Been watching these for a while at around $100. Seems to be a double discount going on where there is 14% off and then a $15 coupon you can apply with the tick box. I'm a prime member, so your luck may vary.

Update: Black ones discount has changed, making them $74. Can still buy the white ones for $65.99.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    This is an awesome price op and makes this an even greater value anc buds. I bought it when it was $99 a month or two ago. Audio clarity, anc and call quality are all spot on. Here's a review by EL JEFE REVIEWS

    • The man likes his bass, not a bad thing but just so they know.
      He's a good reviewer, there are 5 or so to review a lot of the tws sets, used to watch a lot of them and owned a few pairs.

      • Good point but in my experience I don't find these pair that bassy and has a good balance of instruments and vocals.

    • also checkout picky audio on youtube

  • Are these shipped from overseas? Even with prime, it says Delivery: 14 Dec.

    • Mine says delivery by 6 Dec and I have prime. Maybe depending on your location the posties might are experiencing increased parcel volume due to BF sales and Christmas just around the corner.

    • just ordered. delivery says 1st Dec

      • What state are you in? :/

        • Sydney Metro

    • its 23th Dec with me

  • I ordered the special edition yesterday.

    I am not sure if the eq special version is worth the price difference

  • This or jabra 75t for call quality only rest not important

    • I use these to take calls at work everyday, only bought them for the quality microphone they got.

  • i got sent these for free to review. There is a massive battery drain on your phone when these are active. I don't know if it's just me or a common problem, but other TWS buds don't do this.

    • I didn't notice any extra battery drain with my phone while using it… I have a galaxy s20fe 5g running a SD865. I always have bluetooth on though but don't have the 1more app running in the background.

  • How are 1more and Xiaomi linked?

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