DIY Build PC Black Friday 3060 Ti ~ $1721.05

My compilation from black Friday sale yesterday, total $1721.05 (excl storage)

i5 11400 is between ryzen 3600 and 5600x performance wise, and much cheaper than 5600x. And much better than 10400/F being used by other prebuild deals.

Further discount with ebay/amazon gc with shopback.

This works out cheaper than the other prebuild deal on similar spec.

Galax 3060 Ti still available at $1099

Other sellers for 4000D case


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    Considering the case is not limited in space (ie not small form factor), I'd recommend you/others considering to go for an air cooler, which will last longer and can perform just as well as an AIO.

    I just came off the AIO boat recently after one in an ITX build for ~5 years died (of course, just after warranty period). The replacing air cooler performs just as well and ran quiet (or quieter towards the end when the AIO had heaps of rattling). The air cooler practically have no limit of lifespan as long as there's compatibility on the socket (so less waste), and can follow your upgrades in the future.

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      which air cooler you'd recommend?

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        Not OP, but Noctua's are insane value especially when purchased from Newegg. For a cheaper alternative, the Arctic Esports 34 Duo is a steal. Would recommend Scythe but availability and pricing here isn't great

        • Thanks, will try Arctic one, never used AIO liquid before, guess I may never will.

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            @non-LHR: The Arctic One I recommended was an air cooler. Their AIO line is really well reviewed though

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        If you are thinking of staying in the same power envelop in the future, a very affordable option will be Deepcool Gammaxx 400, lightning deal at the moment with Amazon (lol it just finished, it was at ~$37)
        Deepcool has announced global free mounting kit upgrade to LGA1700 too

        The cooler master Hyper 212 is pretty good too, $48.xx at the moment as Amazon's lightning deal

  • Hey OP, if you haven't purchased your cooler yet, the DeepCool Gammaxx GTE V2 lightning deal at ~$38 is back on for another 20ish minutes,

    It'll be able to handle CPUs up to ~125-130W sustained full load for your future upgrades (so up to 12 cores Ryzen CPU, or intel maybe i5-i7s, depending on SKU)

    • Hey mate, what about this one?

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        It isn't going to be as good.

        Focusing on the cooler alone (so ignoring case air flow etc), there are generally three things you want to consider for air cooler performance: heatsink, fan, and mounting.

        For the heatsink, it is preferred to have as much surface to air ratio as possible for increased heat dissipation, this generally means not only the size of whole block is important but denser and thinner fin stack. The Gammaxx has much better fin stack than the CoolerMaster, the rectangular shape and smaller fins and overall bigger size will do better than the smaller cooler master which is also circular so less surface to air ratio.

        Fan wise the Gammaxx has a bigger fan than the CoolerMaster so in general it'll be able to push more air at same speed and/or at lower spin speed so quieter. (Fans can vary in performance across different brands, but generally similar in the entry level range)

        Mounting wise, this one is hard to check by looking at the promotional pictures, it'll come down to user feedback/reports, and generally it isn't too much of a concern.

        Some would argue there are more things to consider too, but it is sufficiently the general gist.

        • There's concern about mounting the big cooler unto the motherboard, will the motherboard holds it?

          • @non-LHR: If probably mounted, all coolers/motherboards are designed to be fine.

  • Nice haul. I was thinking about buying parts and building it myself but at a price so close to prebuilt, I just ended up snapping up at one of the deals. I put some upgrades in ended up being ~1900.

    I defs would op for your build over mine but just don't have the time to go building PCs anymore.

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