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Olight Perun Mini Kit 1000 Lumens Torch Headlamp $52.48 [APBF25] / $55.97 [PLBF20] Delivered @ Olight_direct eBay


Similar to the deal @olight_australia

But via the olight_direct which is eligible for the PLBF20, APBF25 bringing the price down to
* $52.47 with eBay plus + Afterpay ( APBF25 )
* $55.97 with eBay plus ( PLBF20 )

Most of the listing also offer free shipping

Description borrowed from s https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/667619

Handheld as an EDC flashlight; used as a headlamp with the optional headband; magnetically attached to vehicles for maintenance as a work light.
The brilliant dual-directional clip features two round tips bigger than the slot on the light that makes it difficult to be detached for enhanced reliability. Equipped with USB magnetic charging cable.

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Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • ok but is it any good?

    • Yes ?

      If you want a premium reliable EDC flashlight, they have a great reputation.

      Although like many niche lifestyle products are they worth it ? That's up to the buyer. For me at RRP no at 45% of RRP yes definitely.

    • +6

      You can get same or more light for less money. Olight is a bit like Apple of the torch world. An ok product but dictates design, doesn't listen to feeback, not exactly what you want eg very cool white light that isn't pleasant and washes out colours. Olight batteries are typically custom so you have to buy OEM at a big premium instead of picking up decent Samsung, Sony or Molicel replacement battery.

      Olight change their models often and sell special editions with different colour schemes. They produce limited runs to create artificial scarcity so you pay 2 or 3 times as much of a similar type light from a decent chinese manufacturer like Sofirn, Convoy, Emisar, Astrolux, Wuben, Fireflies, WildTrail, Imalent, Acebeam, Wurkkos, Manker, Lumintop. These are value for money, bang for buck. Some say Olight is a marketing company, not a torch company.

      Torches are my hobby, have been for three years. I have well over 100 torches - 2 olight - obulb. They do ok bike mounts and have a universal charger that's ok. Thats it. Follow the link below to budgetlightforum, do some reading and find a good torch, not an olight.

      • Thanks for your detailed feedback. Actually super interesting.

        Would you have a recommendation for a good light in a similar price range. Just for home use/everyday use etc.

      • While i don't own 100 torches, i do have quite the collection and yes i couldn't of said it better myself. By buying an Olight you are paying for slick marketing and and form over function.

        BTW Sillen what's your favourite from your collection?

        • +1

          WildTrail WT90 for big long throw, Lumintop GT3 for flood and in my pocket the last couple of days a Jetbeam RRT01 that someone put a Nichia 219B sw30 in. Lumintop FWAA, Convoy L7 & M21B with GT-FC40 honorable mention. Zebralight SC64 too.

          • +1

            @Sillen: Awesome, that's a good range of lights. For throw i use a Fenix RC40, it's only 750 meters so has some flood as well.

            But I recently picked up the Acebeam X50 with 40,000 lumens and it's hard to put in to words the light output it's insane. The flood, throw and colour is really like the sun is out.

            For smaller single 18650 lights i rate the Klarus X11-GT, great all rounder with good UI having dedicated buttons for turbo, strobe and low. Had it years, there's better in this form factor now but it's still a favorite of mine.

            And i have Nitecore tips (original, SE, Tip2) on various key rings and rate them. But recently come across this gem for $19.99 and are the best bang for buck light i have. I even put one through the washing machine and dryer and it still works.

  • +1

    Better to stick with 18650, check out Sofirn for a great budget head torch.

    • +1

      Agree. If you find a comparable torch without olight's weird customised batteries go with that. Their battery replacements are expensive and you'll be stuck if they're out of stock or stop making them.

      Only buy olight if they have a niche item that you really like or have particular purpose for.

      I thought their swivel light was kinda neat.

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