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eufy 2K Security Indoor Camera $68 + Delivery or Free C&C @ Bing Lee


The big advantage is the Homekit support if you are in the Apple ecosystem.

I am using eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt version outdoors for a year (but under shed). and going to replace it by this non-Pan/Tilt version as it without movement parts then may not be easily affected by dust. I just bought this model for $75.99 at JB Hi-Fi yesterday and then found this deal just after my order was made :-(

Both Pan/Tilt and non-Pan/Tilt versions have the same specs. but the non-Pan/Tilt version will have less power consumption. (5V/1A vs 5V/1.5A)

Model T8400CW4
Resolution 2K UHD
Field of View 125-degree
Data Encryption AES-256
Storage Local – Up to 128GB Micro SD Card (not included)
Weather Proof No
Two Way Audio Yes
Night Vision Yes (10 metres)
Digital Zoom 8x
AI Human Detection
Live View Yes
Mobile Alerts Yes
Alarm Yes Yes
Adjustable Motion Zones Yes
Monthly Fee No
Free eufy Security App Yes
Smart System Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • The big advantage is the Homekit support

    Pretty sure two way audio doesn't work in Homekit.

    • I don't need the two way audio but one way audio worked fine for me

  • Homekit support by eufy is very limited, non-secure.

    • I just use HomeKit bridge and $30 IP cams for that.. it works for me

  • +1

    Have 3 from aliexpress between $48 and $54.

    Two way communication is fine without home kit.

    • I tried from aliexpress. "This product can't be shipped to your address.
      Select another product or address."

      Do you get yours shipped elsewhere first?

  • So can I actually use this outside? I have the doorbell and HomeKit 2 already and I’m looking for a cheap addition for outside.

    • +1

      Its not weatherproof. It lacks an IP rating for dust and water. So you technically could, but may not work for long.

  • is this wireless?

    • +1

      Wirelessly connect to the network. but you need a 5V/1A for the power

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