Finding The Best Possible Monitor Specs for under under $400

hello ozbargain, I have been looking briefly everyday for monitor, after i saw people saying The ebay black friday wasn't the best.

would appreciate any guidance in finding something that's minimum qhd, minimum 144 hz, 32 inch and i have been advised to get an ips panel thanks in advance.

only one i have also found is this but im sure anyone else could do better


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    Dell S2721DGF

    • isn't the kogan one better

      • Not a chance the Kogan is even close. 27 inch though.

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        Stop waiting and buy the S2721DGF that FizzBalls has kindly linked.

        A regular OzB user would already know it is the OzB's recommended monitor when on sale (which is usually over $400).

        27" vs 32"? At 32" you ideally want 4k and you won't find it for $400.

        Kogan is a dirty word you shouldn't repeat.


    4K monitor going on sale at goodguys at $423

  • just drop the 32 inch requirement and get s2721dgf, 32" is too big and requires moving head around check one corner to the next, unless you sit further away from your monitor, but then it will be a lot harder when you trying to read text. 27" is more enjoyable in that sense,

    plus windows don't know how big is your screen, it only know the resolution of your screen, in another word the screen real estate between 27"qhd and 32" qhd is the same

    • Disagree with this completely. 27" is far too small nowadays, whether gaming or productivity.

      32" 1440p is the sweet spot and no, you don't need to move your head around to check corners when sat in a normal 2-3 keyboards away position at a desk.

      I would recommend 32".

      • Over to you then, best 32", QHD, 144Hz, IPS <$400.

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          144 Hz is the sticking point, else it would be VX3276-2K-mhd. 32" 1440p IPS monitor for $400.

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            @Hybroid: 75Hz? I suppose it's a trade off for the OP, size vs Hz vs budget.

            • @Master Bates: Indeed. OP will have to decide what’s more important to them. Personally it would be screen size. I play Forza Horizon/AOE on this monitor just fine. But if they want competitive shooters, maybe the Dell.

              • @Hybroid: the type of game you play is the reason why you don't need to move your head around.

                Gamers who play shooter like me would unconsciously get closer and closer towards the screen to aim more accurately (and it actually helps), and 27" is already quite large(as large as I can afford) for that.

                Also 32" makes it hard for dual monitor setup, as its way too large and requires to move the seat around.

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