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Dell S2721DGF $395, G15 5515 Laptop from $969, XPS Desktop from $1499 Delivered @ Dell eBay

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • could we please ask for the XPS 8940 with 3070?

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      It's been OoS since the previous Dell eBay sale last october

      • it was $450 dearer but you get non LHR 3070 perfect for mining, and 11700K.

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    Hmm, wonder if Amazon will match the monitor 🤔

    • I don't think Amazon even sells the monitor.

    • Lol ok I get it, just have a lot of Amazon credit to spend. Is this monitor popular enough to sell out at that price?

      • Own one last year. Hard to find similar spec below this price

        • my husband wanted a samsung odyssey G5 but i saw the reviews on here weren't great, then he asked for this and i was like too expensive haha. is it worth the price difference you think?

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            @MeesusEff: I would say yes. IPS panel is wonderful and maxes out at 165Hz over DisplayPort

            • @jjsu: Thanks, hopefully doesn't sell out before I get to it

          • +1

            @MeesusEff: Dell QA has improved a lot and was surprised that no backlight bleeding on this model

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    XPS with RTX 3060 Ti is not bad.

    • It's jammed in a tin can, but the price on everything seems to be solid. You are buying 11th gen non-K right at the end of its cycle, though.

      • the 3060ti is $1000+, the i7-11700 is close to $500. add $200ish you get the whole pc, good deal.

        • +2

          My point is that you'll be getting an i7-12700 build for the same price in Jan-Feb and get a notable performance jump.

          But as of right now, this is a good deal, made better if you can grab a suitable AIO to cool it with.

          • @jasswolf: for the same price? can I borrow your crystal ball?

            • @8horse: GPU prices should be dropping by then, and the 12700 shouldn't be much more expensive. It might be a DDR4 system though, but I guess we'll see.

              I think it'll be reasonably close.

              Biggest problem with this system is how to get an AIO installed.

              • +2

                @jasswolf: check this out dude: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4X18zT-bvU4

                better grab this deal before its gone, imo.

                12700 is new tech with ddr5, I wouldn't buy ddr4 when it first came out.

                • @8horse: I watched the vid, I know that Alder Lake supports DDR5, but it also supports DDR4. Implementation comes down to the motherboard manufacturer, who can also skimp on the PCIE 5.0 implementation too if they want.

              • +2

                @jasswolf: Don't know how many times people have said "GPU will fall by then" But I listened to that garbo since Dec 2020 and I'm not holding my breath.

                • @dbmitch: I can't account for cryptomadness, but it's going through yet another correction and there's more people saying it will crash than it won't. Both it and the GPU market are coveted by such a tiny fraction of humanity, and chip production is currently ramping.

                  There won't stop being shortages until the middle of next year, but things are going to ease up. If some dipshits on Wall Street try and game another crypto bubble at Christmas (like they try and do every year), the crash will be spectacular.

                  • @jasswolf: A crash would be nice, I have no skin in the game.

  • The XPS for $1499 is live now and available for order 🤷‍♂️

    • +3

      That one is terrible value.
      The 3060 Ti is the only one worth it at $200 more

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    Bloody hell - don't tempt me on getting another DGF, dealbot

    • Please don't so I have a chance on getting my first? :)

      I have a feeling stock won't last long at all haha

    • +1

      I got one last month from the outlet store, it is paired with an older Viewsonic.

      I'm mulling getting another, as the Viewsonic looks washed out by comparison.

  • Only just (2 days) got the S2721DGF for an extra $50 - bought 2! Gutted!

    • +1

      If it's not been shipped, maybe you can cancel?

      • Shipped the day before…

  • Queue all the
    Any deals on _________________ posts…

    • +2

      Any deals on LG OLEDs?

      • +6

        Nope i havent seen any deals on LG Oleds in the past few days.

        • Well I mean, none that I can afford lol

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    I am seeing $1199 for - New Dell G15 5511 Gaming Laptop 11th Gen i5-11400H 8GB RAM 512GB SSD RTX 3050 (ebay.com.au) - $1049.
    Did jack visit this or poor maths? :p

    • +3

      Deal isn't live yet buddy.

      • -1

        yeah, with 20% off it's 1199 not 1049.

        • $1049 now.

          • -3

            @MiscOzB: wow, price went down…. how peculiar. Gone now though!

            • +1

              @Elpres: Should be in stock from 7pm, as per the OP.

  • Looking for a desktop for mum who uses photoshop alot. GTX 1660Ti Will be okay or get the others?

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    Just bought the DGF on the $409 deal zzz. Good news is that it arrived today as opposed to the 21st-30th Dec delivery estimate.

    • +1

      Just received mine today. Thrilled, it’s as good as everyone says it is !

      • How is the IPS glow on yours?

  • +1

    Would love to see a decent deal on U4919DW

  • +1

    No more love for Keanu?

  • Ordered the S2721DGF last Friday at $410, got mine via express StarTrack this morning. I'm not coming back to my Ultrasharp borrowed from work :)

    • Ye same! Said delivery was before Xmas but I got it today haha.

  • +1

    Sorry not following, the Dell XPS 8940 with the 3060ti will be dropped from $2,411.25 to $1699 at 7pm? Will it be back in stock at 7pm because it's currently out of stock

  • @Dealbot no love at all for non gaming xps laptops?

  • +1

    Bottom of the barrel panels on both laptops make them a pass, unfortunately.

    • +2

      Deal starts at 7pm AEDT

  • That 3060 ti deal looks really good. Is there anything I should look out for when buying a dell desktop?

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      Is there anything I should look out for when buying a dell desktop?

      Gamers Nexus put out some videos earlier this year showing how bad they are. Perhaps these ones are fine though? Maybe someone here can confirm.

      • +1

        They're the same thing basically, but the issue with all Dell/Alienware systems are the CPU coolers and the default GPU power limit because it's jammed into a tin can.

        The premium you pay for an Alienware versus an XPS system is pointless.

  • Would the 3060 ti be a good unit for my daughter to stream and play fortnite/valorant on twitch? Or wait for another deal from titan tech, tech fast etc.

    • +1

      If they're not planning on goofing around with swapping/adding components etc - I'd say that it will get the job done pretty nicely.

      • Cheers

      • Why is that? is the Dell desktop not modular?

        • Dell uses proprietary motherboard/PSU if I'm not wrong, so it limits upgrade options in the future

      • Are you familiar with Dell's warranty? Is there any scope to change out the CPU cooler without them kicking up a fuss?

        • Looked into this, and it's 100% fine to change the cooler out, just don't damage the system.

    • yeah what does this mean. can you not upgrade parts later?

      • Sure you could (however AFAIK their PSUs are proprietary and shouldn't really be swapped out) - but I just meant that this deal should include everything they'd need without fussing about things like single channel RAM, not enough cooling etc.

    • techfast just put out a decent 3060ti build for around $1700. id probably go with that at this budget because you won't have to deal with dell's proprietary parts in a few years when you're looking to upgrade parts

      • The motherboard and CPU are end of the line, DDR5 will be in full swing. Drives and GPU will be fine, and no one's buying this for the case.

        The same is true for 5th gen Ryzen really: you've got Zen 3D in January and that's the end of the line.

        The TechFast deal uses a 5600G or a 10400F, so it's a notable step back on that front. Pretty sure the GPU difference can be fixed by setting an overclocking profile run at startup.

        • what about the notorious overheating issues on xps systems? and isnt ddr5 super expensive?

          • @belongsinforums: I spoke with Dell support, and you can just change the CPU cooler. There's no warranty issue unless you cause physical damage in the installation that impacts system performance.

          • @belongsinforums: Dell is cheaper than techfast and you get much better i7 cpu and techfast i5, tomkun.

      • Will Dell take 4 months to ship?

  • S2721DGF or S2722DC?

    • What is it wanted for?

      The S2721DGF is a cracking gaming monitor with a 165Hz refresh rate, the S2722DC has 75Hz but a better contrast ratio (not that I have any issues with the S2721DGF), and can be USB C powered.

      • photoshop?

        • +1

          I'd guess the S2722DC might be slightly better for photoshop just off the contrast ratio, but there are few meaningful reviews for it.

          The S2721DGF is a great monitor though.

        • Best out of the box colour accuracy and gamut in this price range is the Gigabyte M27Q

      • IPS glow?

        • Some I guess. Nothing that bothers me.

          For stuff like that you're best checking reviews from Hardware Unboxed or Rtings.

  • +3

    I have had the S2721DGF since about Feb I think and it is a fantastic monitor, cannot recommend it enough, 165hz, 1440p, 27inches was a nice upgrade from 24, the colors are beautiful (IPS panel), nice to have the extra usb ports, everything! I paid $482 for it (and that was after haggling with the sales guy)

  • When's the XPS 8950 being released? Can't find anything concrete.

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    The 8940's in this deal are not the K variant… So I believe they won't have the large tower cooler on the CPU.

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    Awwww man, what a stitch up, paid 410 last Friday for the ebay deal. Haha.
    BTW they deliver way quicker than their estimated time.

    I purchased Friday, was shipped yesterday and I got it today. So 3 Business days for Sydney Metro inclusive of purchase day. It said delivery in the week before Xmas when it shipped lol.

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