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[PC, Steam] Red Dead Redemption 2 $44.97 @ Steam


50% off. Lowest price on steam.
Good for those who don't want to use Epic or Rockstar launchers

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  • yep the Ultimated edition is only 10 bucks more at 55 its the best price i have seen for this game on PC EVER!!! its I think the best you will see for a while. But getting this game on Steam is the best so better to get it on this.

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      It isn't worth the extra 10 unless you plan to play online a fair amount. For single player content is like 1 mission and a bit extra content.

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        why would you not play red dead online? its amazingly good

        • +10

          If you find it hard to believe not everyone cares about online then no answer is going to satisfy that question.

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          The online is significantly worse than the story mode, really only good if you're grouping with friends.

          • @GachiFish: lol thats the whole point of online play is to play with OTHER PEOPLE people that play it online alone and have a problem with it, this is usually the reason why.

      • Can the Ultimate edition be played in single player story mode without using the online part? It appears it's the only way to get the "Bank Robbery Mission and Gang Hideout in Story Mode" from the obsolete Special edition. Or are these not worth it?

        • yes
          they are separate completely.

    • Is there rockstar launcher attached to this on steam?

      • Yes, when you launch the game on Steam, the game launches Rockstar Game launcher and then launches from there - the process is automated. If you don't have a login details for Rockstar Launcher, you need to create it one time so Steam can connect to it. After that the launch process is automated as noted above.

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    Played and finished this around a year ago, it was one of the best single-player gaming experiences I've had. I just wish DLSS was available back then (it is now). For anyone who enjoys immersive narrative based games, this is definitely worth playing.

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      playing the PC version at 80fps or higher is unreal compared to the 30fps on the playstation that never got updated lol.

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    Thanks OP, was looking forward to play RDR2, is it worth it for ultimate edition?

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      yes it worth it i have it on both Playstation and PC.

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        Totally worth it. $10 is nothing these days. dont think if you buy the lower version, there is an upgrade path. At such price difference of $10, why bother ? Totally worth it.

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    Amazing game but just be aware the PC version of online is a toxic swamp of modders that can frequently ruin your experience and R* doesn't seem to want to do anything about it. RDO on console doesn't have the same issues with modders.

  • I bought the Ultimate edition for $49.92 @gamebillet

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    Gamivo is doing it for the Rockstar activation at $ 41.15 for Ultimate edition with code AKS-BLACKSALE


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      steams the best option the best the rest are just garbage platforms.

  • Boiii

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    Not much else to say about the game that's already been said; it's great, definitely play it if you can. You don't need to play the first one before this one, this is set before the first game afterall.

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    I may be soft, but the game gave me some wicked motion sicknessā€¦ but for the 15 minutes I could play it seemed good

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