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AWS & Python Courses: AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Practice Exams, Python Hands-on & More from A$10.99 @ Udemy


Popular courses at lowest price. Enjoy :)

AWS Courses by Neal Davis

  1. A$10.99 AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional SAP-C01 2021 BLACK-FRIDAY
  2. A$10.99 AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Practice Exam BLACK-FRIDAY
  3. A$10.99 AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate Practice Exams BLACK-FRIDAY
  4. A$10.99 [EXAM REVIEWER] AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 BLACK-FRIDAY
  5. A$10.99 Introduction to Cloud Computing on Amazon AWS for Beginners BLACK-FRIDAY
  6. A$10.99 AWS Business Essentials - The Business Value of Amazon AWS BLACK-FRIDAY
  7. A$10.99 Learn AWS Identity Management with AWS IAM, SSO & Federation BLACK-FRIDAY
  8. A$15.99 [NEW] AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate 2021 BLACK-FRIDAY
  9. A$14.99 AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate - 2021 [SAA-C02] BLACK-FRIDAY
  10. A$19.99 AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exams BLACK-FRIDAY
  11. A$14.99 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - Complete Course NEW 2021 BLACK-FRIDAY
  12. A$19.99 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 500 Practice Exam Questions BLACK-FRIDAY
  13. A$13.99 AWS Certified Developer Associate Practice Exam Questions BLACK-FRIDAY
  14. A$13.99 AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Training 2021 [NEW] BLACK-FRIDAY
  15. A$15.99 AWS Networking Masterclass - Amazon VPC and Hybrid Cloud BLACK-FRIDAY

Python Course and eBook by Musa Arda

  1. $A10.99 Python Hands-On 46 Hours, 210 Exercises, 5 Projects, 2 Exams PYTHON-113
  2. US$0.99 Hands-on Python with 162 Exercises, 3 Projects, 3 Assignments & Final Exam US$0.99 - 9 hours left
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  • Name checks out.

  • +2

    I prefer Steephane Maarek courses , but his courses are bit dearer

    • His practice exams are excellent! I passed my AWS Developer Associate exam using his practice exams. The way they are worded are very similar to how they appear in the actual exam (I'm pretty sure there were actually a couple of questions that came up in the exam too).

  • Any astronaut courses? Looking at going to Mars if possible.

    • +1

      I will share as soon as Musk launches one. ;)

      • +1

        You will be the 1st person I call when I get to Mars.

        • +1

          Would you be using Tesla phone to call? I might share deal as soon as Musk launches that one too ;)

    • If you're serious:

      Zubrin's "How to Live on Mars: A Trusty Guidebook to Surviving and Thriving on the Red Planet" is pretty good. It's technically sci-fi, but it's written by a very good aerospace engineer who's been writing plausible plans to get to Mars for decades, and that NASA and SpaceX have been borrowing concepts from for years. Goes a bit political in the end (he's a libertarian) so that might be a plus or a minus depending on your beliefs.

      I liked Mary Roach's "Packing for Mars" too; she's a science journalist who goes around NASA and Roscosmos asking interesting questions about surviving in space.

      Lastly, if anyone would like an hour or so long, easy to watch documentary on how we could get to Mars with stuff we already have, the Mars Underground movie is up on Youtube.

      • -1

        I am very serious, I have already packed a lunch and am raring to go.

  • How difficult are these sort of courses for someone who’s never done any programming but knows their way around a computer fairly well and good with Excel formulas etc?

    Looking to do a Python course to learn how to create some sort of automation program to trawl through huge amounts of data to find historical events and their aftermath to predict future outcomes based on similar occurrences.

    • +1

      Automate the Boring Stuff by Al Sweigart is usually the best 'beginner wanting to learn to do cool things' course I'd recommend.

      Realistically there are thousands of free Python tutorials on doing simple things on YouTube. A lot are terrible (poor presentation skills, etc) but there are dozens of ones by charismatic, professional people who will give you hours of value for free.

      My advice would type something you want to learn in Python into the searchbar ("python automatically play chrome dinosaur jumping game") and watch a few minutes of result videos, you'll no doubt stumble across someone who's on your vibe. Check their other videos and if it's aligned, click subscribe and start learning.

      If you can think up an idea for a Python project, someone's probably already had a go at implementing it - e.g. there are existing projects you can freely access and run [and tweak] that would review share prices and historic trades, etc.

      • Great, thanks for that info.

  • Surely anyone paying over $0 for a Udemy course would need to hand in their ozbargain card

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