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Huawei Band 6 Black / Pink Gold $59 Delivered @ Amazon AU


New lighting deal, good price. Ends at 430pm or when allocation is exhausted.

$7.60 cheaper than the recent UK deal and $13 cheaper than the AU deal.

Free delivery for all (over $39), no prime required.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    FWIW these are usually 60-70 bucks from other online shops, though probably not as good a warranty and/or dealing with kogan

  • Interesting how the banner in the Black Friday page shows RRP: $139, but in the listing it shows RRP: $124.95.

    • Normal price is $68, it was mentioned on the listing.

      • 59 lightning
        68 black friday
        normal price not sure

      • i looked at the $68 option in black, and there was a special $10 off promotion when i was logged into amazon, that required me to redeem the offer on website, then access amazon mobile app and proceed to checkout to get the discount applied. Payment then through app required.

        So $58 total price is not too bad. Not sure if promotion was account specific one-off, or if this was an eligible offer available to everyone on certain products.

  • Can we return amazon uk purchase ( on Amazon AU) for free with prime?

    Thinking of returning previous purchase and buying this one

    • I think you can. But even if not, just buy this one and if you can’t return the UK one then return this AU one instead.

    • Even with Prime, you have to pay a flat rate shipping fee to return Amazon UK/US purchase on Amazon AU. It's in their FAQ.


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      Try to be sustainable if you can.

  • Isn't the band 4 pro better as it has gps too? It's the same price

    • Link please

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        It's on this same link where the models are listed. Just click on it :)

  • Is this better than MI Band 6 ?

    • I think mi band doesnt have sp02.

      • Beside sp02. Is it worth spending the extra $20 and get the Huawei?

      • Mi band 6 comes with Sp02.

        • Yes but it's not 7/24

    • +2

      I'd say yes IF:

      You want all day Sp02. Whilst both have this, on the Mi Band 6 you have to press the button to do it, with the Huawei, it does it throughout the day (and night). Mi Band does 'sleep breathing quality' but there are zero metrics for this. You can actually check your Sp02 using the huawei health app, and see how often it cheks it, and I understand more of the sleep tracking data. Who knows how accurate these thigns are, it's all relative and indicative!

      I found the Mi Band 6 to be not as good a fit for my needs as the huawei watch fit new I bought, and this is a smaller version of that, with no gps, smaller screen, but better battery life.

      The huawei isn't perfect, but neither was the Mi Band and neither can skip spotify adverts like my garmin vivosport can (no idea why!) which is useful at the gym, but otherwise the huawei is easy to use, would like the vibration to be stronger (Mi Band 6 has customisable vibrations, clever) and would like notificaitons to be smarter too! would also like the 4gb on my watch fit to be useful for song storage etc. But their app seems ok to use, it's no fitbit/garmin, but it's a fraction of the price!

      • Received my Huawei band 6 today, just notice that on non Huawei phone, if you can't find the automatic spo2, you need to download the Huawei app gallery, then download the health app from there.

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    Wouldnt you be better of dishing out bit extra to get amazfit stratos or equivalent

    • +1

      I agree, an extra $27 gets you the Stratos with GPS and onboard music storage. It's a few generations old but great value now as they retailed for over $200 when first released.

      • +1

        Yeah I agree too, it's such an amazing price for Stratos. Surprised that the deal didn't get much love, probably got overlooked due to influx of BF deals.

    • -2

      No this is at the best price point. Also getting spied by CCP is priceless

  • OOS, so quick.

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    It's only $40 on ebay plus at this time https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/174969673259

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      Nice find! Though that's the Xiaomi Mi Band 6.

      • +1

        It's a different watch - oops!!!

  • Does it have nfc?

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    if you guys are quick the rose gold-pink (sakura pink) is still available [not for long though]:

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    what's the best value option for a smart watch with long battery, NFC and GPS and storage for music? amazfit?

  • Pink still on sale

  • Do any of these bands do blood pressure also?

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      mechanically there is no way for a smart watch to measure your blood pressure unless you have a central line.. even those wrist sphygmos are terribly inaccurate

      • I concur. Go buy and pressure tester

      • Agree, but hard to convince the victims of the Apple marketing team$ :(

    • No you will be looking at >$500 for one and may not be accurate

  • Damn I bought the UK one still not shipped

    This ran out too quickly

  • Does it how text and WhatsApp messages from an IOS device??

    • No you can't reply can only receive only apple watch can do both

      • Worth mentioning, that this is a restriction of the Apple ecosystem.

        • Its a reason they locked it down so people cannot buy other brands for the same functionality.

          Else what's Apple watch's selling point? Battery? no way. Apps and messaging really is it.

          It isn't a good watch for sports/exercise TBH

  • Shows $98 on my end for some reasons..

    • Deal is finished

  • +1

    Black ship from UK still available if anyone wants one. But no ETA

  • Black is now available via Amazon AU $68 if you got a promotion $5 you can get it for $63

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