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Windscribe Pro VPN 53% off - 3YR US$69 (~A$97) - 1YR US$29 (~A$41)


"Until Dec 3rd you can still get 53% off our Pro Plans. Make a big brain play, for a change, and use the savings to buy games from the Steam Autumn Sale.

$69 for 3 Years of Windscribe Pro with TURKEY69

$29 for 1 Year of Windscribe Pro with TURKEY29"

Best deal now that lifetime subs are no longer, cheapest price since the old stacksocial offers.

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Both referrer and referee get extra 1GB/month. Referrer gets Pro upgrade after referee upgrades.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +3

    great vpn, very privacy-focused and transparent. been using pro for 5 years now no issues.

    • I feel the same, you don't see many complaints online about Windscribe, I feel its a fair price for the quality and features.

      • Isn't it located in a five eye county?

        • It is but apparently they don't store IP addresses or some ish. There's articles out there

          • +1

            @Pootie Tang: They don't store logs? If that's true than I'm the Batman.

            • +1

              @Haliax: Historically they've never turned over records from what I remember. I'll find a link. I agree, sceptical, I use it for streaming so I'm not too concerned

  • Any idea on a similar VPN to access international streaming platforms on the free/cheap?

    • Windscribe used to have Winflix for netflix but netflix really cracked down on geo spoofing a while back. Are there any VPNs that still work with netflix?

      • PIA is okay so far for netflix

      • +2

        I have a getflix account but I think it's useless. I just use windscribe with Google tv and still works fine. That was about 2 weeks ago.

      • +2

        Windscribe has dedicated servers for netflix in certain regions

        • Do you know of a cheaper alternative?

          • @Pootie Tang: BulletVPN is supposedly good for streaming. You can get a lifetime subscription on stacksocial.

      • popcorn still works with nflx

  • My 3 years was up with them. I switched to TorGuard as their Black Friday pricing was better as it comes with port forwarding.

  • I signed up with these dudes last week. IMO they are just a little bit slow - tolerable, but noticeable.

    • +4

      I'm on crappy 50/20 FTTN and connect to Aus servers, always maxes out my line and never had any VPN disconnects or DNS leaks. What line do you have and which region are you connecting to?

      • +2

        Same here with 100/400 FTTP

        Maxes out in Aus, when i was on 1000/20 with Superloop it Maxed around 850 connected to VPN in Aus.

        • Same here 100/40 NBN HFC and it maxes out my connection on their Aussie servers..

      • Yea Aus is ok, but tried various others and they weren't the best. Again, tolerable. I'm coming from Mullvad so comparing to them. Have not done any actual speed tests, just commenting on perceived latencies - I have a couple of weeks of Mullvad left so I might do some measured comparisons.

    • I signed up for the free version a while ago, not impressed.

      If they are trying to encourage people to pay up, the free version won’t do it.

  • When my 3-year Windscribe subscription expired last month, they tried to get me to renew on a $1000 plan. In huge letters, they claimed they were charging only 10 cents a month - but in a tiny, wee font appropriate for nearsighted ants, it mentioned something about a 900-year subscription. The $1000 total was white-on-slightly-less-white.

    I thought it was a joke. But it was the only renewal plan available to me through my Windscribe account.

    • I never auto-renew anything, with the exception of month to month subs.

      I used TURKEY69 to renew my last 3YR sub with Windscribe.

    • +1

      That's a joke, they send the email updates every month or so, read them next time.

      They give you an update and they include jokes, some are hilarious.

      Also if you click the link to the $1000 plan, it says something like "oops, we slipped on the 0, and it's meant to be $100" obviously more funny than I said it.

      • +1

        I don't understand half their jokes on Twitter, I'm all for laughs but it's not on my VPN checklist

      • The landing page and credit card form looked real enough.

        I guess Windscribe's gut-shaking, rib-tickling, snot-blowing sense of humour has cost them a customer. Now I have a lifetime VPN account with another provider.

  • Do people pay with a prepaid cc when signing up for a VPN?

    • Not that paranoid. If there are no logs then no dramas.

  • my 3 years is nearly up, wish i had bought the lifetime for not much more.Time to change

    • My 3 year was up earlier in the year ended up staying with them, and just did a build a plan as I only use the Aussie servers $2 US/month is reasonable considering the decent speeds and service in general. I regret not getting a lifetime sub all those years ago.

      • I'd have considered it if I was an existing user but 1) it was my first time using windscribe, 2) after reading about some VPN providers throttling lifetime subs it didn't seem worth it

        • Exactly the same experience for me. But I guess we had no way to know at the time they were going to be good/trustworthy.

          My "lifetime" PureVPN expired this year (after 5 years) and stack social offered Keep Solid instead…

  • Thanks OP! Moving back from SurfShark

    • How was your experience with surfshark? I was going to switch before this deal came up

      • Last night I tried to take advantage of the NBA subscription deal (with SurfShark) which required VPN'ing to South Africa and although I connected to S.A. the NBA site wouldn't show me the South African deal. I've had a few things like that whereas I never had that trouble with Windscribe.

        Speed-wise I couldn't complain - they have a pop up every 30 days to "upgrade" to some A/V add-on, and you can't permanently cancel it (so it pops up every 30 days) which bugs me - but it's not a deal breaker.

  • Anyone know if a referrer gets 3 years Pro with this promotion?

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