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Logitech MX Keys $149 + Delivery @ PLE Computers (Price Beat $141.55 @ Officeworks)


Was able to get a english / australian (non-spanish) version of logitech mx key from officeoworks with a price match from ple computers for $141.55. Not the best but not bad.

Also able to match amazon.com.au logitech mk850 for 114.95

and was able to price match logitech mx master 3 from kogan for 103.55 (may need to work mojo for this depending on the staff)

Can provide a pm if you really need the receipt but committed requests only ?:)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    OK, I found Logitech MX Keys listed on OzBargain 6 times since 21/11, or almost once a day.
    I think any OzB punter that wants an MX Keys would have got one by now.

    • has it been cheaper than this price in your date range?

      do you have one of these keyboards?

    • +1

      But this one is not AU layout.

  • Is there a bundle for these going on? Thanks

    • no mate but whilst you're at the store price matching you can price match multiple items ;) they're in the description

  • I grabbed it for $134 (139-$5 cashrewards bonus) yesterday from this deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/667133 ), but it looks like they've increased the price already so this is probably the best price at the moment for this keyboard.

    • thanks mate, first post at least you used lube.

      still i got one and its pretty hot hammering on it right now. if anyone actually looked probably the mx master 3 is the score…

  • +1

    I had my work buy this when we started working from home. Amazing for work and good enough for gaming imo

  • Can someone tell me what's wrong with the Spanish version? Apart from some keys in Spanish?

    • +2

      look at the pictures from the different variations of the keyboard.

      there are several and whilst it does catch people out…

  • +2

    Looks like an ISO layout where the Aussie version uses ANSI

    • possibly. depends which officeworks you price match from. or try the original store and report back.

  • For logitech MK850, the following deal can be $99.97 with APBF25 for ebay plus.


    • what if im an existing ebay user and don't want to pay $49 or whatever for sign up. might as well use the amazon link.

      thats a pretty good price if you have ebay plus

  • How does this keyboard compare to the apple magic keyboard here?

    • MX is perhaps more compelling if you're often switching devices or OSs (I'm a Web developer so this appeals to me). Flow feature is useful in occasion when paired with my MX Master 3 from a previous deal. I like the ability to easily switch between media and function keys but I'm not certain that's unique. Apple's is still objectively less versatile for certain users.

      I'd also argue MX has more comfortable keys but this is subjective, while Apple undoubtedly uses better materials for the chassis.

      • Is the MX Keys chassis plastic?

        • Yes, I believe so; and with a metallic paint job.

  • Picked one up from Officeworks yesterday, thanks OP. It was faulty, though (absolutely would not leave pairing mode on any device). Exchanged and tested replacement in store this afternoon and was connected in about 5 seconds. From what I've read, dodgy Bluetooth modules are common in these so I'd say exchange immediately if you notice anything early on.

    • thanks for reporting back. seems to have a few issues after searching. I've got a mx keys and mx master connected via the dongle to linux and bluetooth to a mac and bluetooth to an android phone. So far so good…

      Did you try a firmware update? (maybe don't if its all working :))

      Just curious, you said "(absolutely would not leave pairing mode on any device".
      On the mx keys i have to hold down the device selection button (1/2/3) to go in to pairing mode. On the mouse mx master 3, it seems to default to pairing unless it's already paired. Can you turn this is off without having the logitech software installled? I didn't find much on that after a quick search. I won't have access to a windows pc for a few weeks.

      edit: Think i just answered my own question. On the mouse it doesn't enter pairing mode until you press the button for that channel. Well it doesn't show up for pairing as available on a device.

      • I didn't use Logitech Options to pair with MX Keys bia Bluetooth at Officeworks. I can't recall if the same is true of the mouse since I bought it a while ago.

        With the faulty keyboard, I'd go through the Bluetooth pairing process in Windows or Mac and it would say it's paired but the keyboard wouldn't leave pairing mode afterward, so neither laptop nor my phone could connect to it.

        It could only be connected to a Unifying dongle which makes frequently switching between devices a pain.

        • All good. Glad you got it sorted. Enjoy your new punchpad :)

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