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Kelvinator 2.5/3.2KW Reverse Cycle Split AC $639 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys


Have installed a few of this WiFi model plus a few of the previous non-Wifi model and they're all fantastic. Cheap and very cheerful, my oldest unit is now over 3 years old and hasn't missed a beat.

Have been cheaper (as low as $550 after cash back last year) however this still represents good value for a great AC. Bing Lee had them for $599 this morning however it seems they've sold out.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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    Don't forget that Coles is selling those 'Home' gift cards (that work for TGG) for 15% off. Just buy a bunch to save more.

    • So that could bring the price down to $543.15?! Whoa, nice!!!!

      • The Hisense 2.5kw split system was on 30% off in July $510 and you get $60 gift voucher from TGG as well at that time for spending $360+ at TGG. I regretted that I didn't buy it at that time.

        Kogan 2.6kw split system is on Black Friday special for 20% off which is $479 ($487 for non-Kogan First) + $24 delivery for Metro area.

        • Oh yes, plenty of other cheaper units out there, always have been… I just prefer keeping Electrolux as my minimum.

        • Geez I’m so tempted to pull the trigger on this but the insane installation fees for splits just kills it dead…

          Is it really that hard or do installers just take the piss because most people can’t do it themselves?

    • Any link for Coles cards, or have to buy them from Coles store?

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        It's in Coles now. Finishes Tuesday.

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        Word of caution. I bought $500 “Home” gift cards. Turns out there’s another gift card also called home that isn’t part of the promotion. Have to battle it out with coles customer service tomorrow to refund $500 😔

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          Ouch! Good info… and good luck tomorrow.

        • -2

          you must be in your dream to get refund. To put it frankly it is clearly your fault. You saw whole big stack of Ultimate Home gift card and just excitedly buy it.

          You clearly see that the total is $500 with no discount yet you still go ahead and pay. Sorry but you won't have a case to get it refunded. It's hard to swallow but it is the fact that you will have to suck it up.

          Not like the bonus points promo which you can't know until the next day if you bought the wrong card, with this promo you immediately see the total is not discounted when you bought the wrong card.

          • @samehada: Logically you're right and it's true he doesn't have a case. However it's still definitely worth battling it out in my opinion. Even if it's like a 5% chance they give him his money back, for $500 I would at least try.

          • @samehada:

            you must be in your dream to get refund. To put it frankly it is clearly your fault. You saw whole big stack of Ultimate Home gift card and just excitedly buy it.

            Bit roughy mate. Even the checkout chick goes “yep it happens a lot”. They were put side by side, called the exact same thing and somehow it’s all my fault??

            You clearly see that the total is $500 with no discount yet you still go ahead and pay.

            Interestingly enough this is what made me twig. By the time I realised no discount had applied the transaction had been processed. If you’ve got young kids and work long hours you’ll understand why I was delayed in my thinking.

            Sorry but you won't have a case to get it refunded.

            I disagree. Cards haven’t been used. They Are called the exact same thing and as the cashier mentioned it happens a lot. They may put up a battle but in all honesty to have two cards side by side with the same wording but one has a promo attached is deceptive in my opinion.

            Anyway. Word of caution.

            • @bemybubble: you can disagree all you want but you won't get any refund out of it. Once the card is activated it can't be cancelled by the shop. There is no refund on gift cards. You can still use it at TGG like you would have paid for that same amount using your credit card.

              Lesson needs to be learned sometimes.

  • Cheaper on ebay with ebay plus

    • I thought so too but I couldn't select C&C so you're forced to pay $55 delivery after the eBay Plus discount.

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    Dont bother with kelvinator. The temp control is terrible. Doesnt ever turn off when reached desired temp. As well as timer control.

    3 months in and its already struggling and its not even summer.

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      Weird. All of mine have been flawless! I have six in total, three previous model 'non-wifi' and three in this model. All work perfectly, cool a room down quickly (or warm it up!) and are super quiet.

    • Had the same problem. Couldn't keep a consistent temperature in my bedroom. It was either too cold or too warm. The Panasonic and fujitsu in the other rooms didn't have an issue.

      • Same with mine. You end up spending all your time adjusting settings or turning the unit off and on.

    • I have the same problem as well. I've found heating is always 2 degrees higher than what you set it at (22 heat is perfect for winter as it sits at 24) but now that we're entering summer it's become tricky to maintain a constant temp.
      I'll run the bedroom units at 22 cool and it will be painfully cold even outside of the room, anyone found the sweet spot for summer?

  • this good for a lounge room?

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      Doesnt even cool my 3.5x3m bedroom down on a 30 degree day.

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        Something must be wrong if it's not cooling that size room. As an installer, you probably need to clean the filters or have a leak lol or something is wrong with the compressor.

      • +1

        Exactly the same dimensions of most of my rooms and again, no problems at all… even single-skin timber QLD'er with 12ft ceilings and zero insulation on a 40C Summers Day!

      • Gotta agree with Jugganautx here. Filled with regret I didn't just get the standard MHI everytime I switch these things on.

      • Something very wrong.. we have a room this size and our 2.5kw unit manages it just fine even on a 38 degree day. If anything it's too effective

    • It will be too small for the lounge. I got one of these in my study room (3x3m) and its perfect size.

    • I run the 7.1/8.0KW Kelvinator in the open plan Lounge, Dining & Kitchen area. Works great.

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        Just bought the 7.1/8.0 model during the Bing Lee black Friday sale for $1179. Was a great deal

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      You need to consider insulation (ceiling, wall, underfloor), draft proofing, glazing, layout and size of room and location of device. No one can give you an answer until this is checked. When your house is built to "passivhaus" standards this might heat and cool your whole house.

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    @Gezaris - I'm looking for an aircon installer, how much do you charge to install the 2.5 air conditioner?

    • I would also like to know. I've got 2 X AC units to install on my double story house. Melbourne based.

  • Thanks - I think I'll bite on this deal. Best to go through the GGs for installation or should I try something else? Any advice would be appreciated.

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      TGG installation cost is not bad, many crooks out there even charge higher price than TGG for installation.

      If you are in VIC, taxable income under $90k and your house doesn't have split system you can get $1000 rebate from government

      • Thanks - looks like Qld has a program but only for "Peaksmart" a/c 4+kw, I think that's where you let the energy retailer control it.

        • this one even with 15% off TCN gc it is $543 so Kogan one is clearly cheaper. If you bought discount Kogan gc before it is even under $500.

      • "Your system must be:

        • a gas, electric or wood heater, or
        • a reverse-cycle air conditioner more than 7 years old
        • replaced with a reverse-cycle air conditioner from the approved products list
        • upgraded by an approved supplier

        Households with no heating system may also apply."

  • How is this brand compared to the kogan smart one?

    • Kogan is 2.6kw and got quite a good energy rating. Current sale price is $503 delivered.

      • Thanks~ So would this be better or Kogan? They are about the same price so for the value/build quality and everything else, which one should one go with?

        • +1

          Always avoid Kogan

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    Kelvinator?? Rubbish brand. Stick to Mitsubishi heavy industries or Daikin if you can budget for it for efficiency. 7 star 2kw Avanti plus runs so cheap and works so well. They even had cashback $250 last year or the year before if I remember correctly. Wifi gimmicks, just get a the $30 Mirabella wifi remote from Kmart.

    • No offence, but in what world is the 2KW Avanti Plus 7 star? Even on their own website it's only five star for a single metric, but nearly all other scenarios it's only 4 star. I'm not arguing it's not a good unit - I have no knowledge either way. All I'm saying is it doesn't appear to be anything like a seven star efficiency unit. Maybe the higher power units are? That's usually the way these things work…

      • A quick Google search will show you there's a 7 star 2kw unit. I own three. Hardly noticeable on the bills

        • What are the actual numbers for efficiency?

          This Kelvinator claims Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): 4.78
          The 7-star says 6.45. Not bad!
          Could save 25% on the bills. That might only be $10/year for a bedroom in a coastal climate.

          Note with only 2.0kW output instead of 2.5, it will more often struggle on very hot or cold days.

        • Again, I don't doubt it isn't an efficient unit, but beyond marketing claims none of the official documentation on any Mitsubishi HI site shows them as seven star. Although I believe about a year ago the whole star rating system was overhauled, so maybe that's where the confusion comes in. A 'quick Google search' did show me lots of retailer websites saying the Avanti Plus 2KW unit is seven star, but you can claim anything on a website, it's no more factual than anything I'm writing right now. The only evidence for such a claim is official documentation (which is backed up by validated independent testing). That's how the energy star rating system works - it's engineering and science with verifiable reports, otherwise it's just marketing people marking their own homework with the brown crayon… :-/

          • @TrevorX: According to the product brochure the SRK20ZSXA-W is their most efficient unit, with a 5.5 star efficiency rating for cooling in a 'hot' environment (page 10, with detailed breakdown on page 20). Note that their environmental classification is based on geographic location within Australia - 'hot' environments are in the northern half of the country (explanation on page 18). If you're only running these on the hottest days you'll be in a similar efficiency band irrespective of your location.


            It's one of the most awarded systems in the country, I don't dispute that, but it isn't a seven star system.

            • -1

              @TrevorX: I really can't be bothered arguing with people claiming some sort of rubbish. Buy a Kelvinator and enjoy. I don't need to advocate for MHI. If you know how it works, why are you asking?? Sorry to burst your bubble you don't know "how it works". There's also such thing as fatigue replying to post like yours.

  • My only issue with these that hasn't been mentioned is the wifi capabilities. We have 5 units and not a single one can be controlled by Google anymore, worked for 1 day and that was it.

    Otherwise performance is very good and has been a life changer for our family, no more piling up mattress in the loungeroom to feel the benefits of the old window /wall unit!

    • Thanks for the feedback. What about the efficiency and durability? How long have you had it?

  • Is this normal price for this unit? It doesn't indicate there's a discount on the page anywhere?

  • +1

    Wow buyer feedback on Kelvinator's own page for this A/C unit is pretty abysmal :-/

    • I've got 1 of these in the bedroom, and a larger unit in the living room for the past couple of years. Pretty sure I paid less than this deal and they also had cashback offers at the time.
      No complaints at all, just wishing I went for a slightly larger one for the open plan living room but that's my fault for being cheap.

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