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Altra Lone Peak Shoes ALL-WTHR and Hiking $65 + Shipping ($0 with FIRST) @ Kogan


By comparison Altra themselves have the all-wthr for $299 or $170 US on the us store. $250 on sale at wildearth.

Not sure why these are so cheap, but it is a bit of a dodgy listing - they are named "all weather running shoes" even though they are the all-wthr hiking shoes from altra running (according to descriptions and pics).

According to reviews its light and comfy as hell but sacrifices on durability.

High risk high reward situation, but for $65 I gave it a shot.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Looking for some new hiking shoes, missed out on the 12s in lows as always though :(

    FWIW they look like the 4.0s which would be this cheap due to them being superseded now, though most other places have them on sale at what is listed as the regular price on this 🤔

  • +1

    Insane price, bought three! Perfect timiing as well because my current Altra All Weather Mid Running Shoes (the black boot) I bought from Kogan earlier this year started to come apart this weekend after being flogged on a tough hike. Maybe the durability isn't fantastic but plenty of people get huge numbers of kms on these shoes when doing long range hikes like the PCT.

    Note: Altra sizes run different to normal sizes, you'll have to go at least a half size bigger. I take a 9.5 normally and started with an Altura 10.5, but eventually settled into a 10.

    • Thanks for the sizing info. Missed out this time!

  • I only wear Altra, and buy a new pair every few months for $200 which is often the on special price!
    Bought 4 pairs just now.

    For whatever reason the parent company refuses to import these into Australia in any decent quantity, I have spoken to numerous shops who stock a few pairs and all say they have a lot more demand than they can supply because they cannot get stock. This has been the case for years.

  • I've heard these are comfortable hiking shoes on hiking forums. If I didn't already have 3 pairs of hiking shoes I would be all over these.

  • Are these actually good for running?

  • A few good Altra models on sale! I picked up a pair of the Riveras which I have had my eyes on for ages. Shame they don't have the Escalante or Escalante Racer in my size. I think these are just grey imports, because there are some colourways that no Australian retailers seem to stock.

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