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[Switch] Super Mario Odyssey $55 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not quite the all time low of $49.00 but I have pulled the trigger and finally bought a copy for myself - early Xmas present :)

This has received very positive reviews so I am looking forward to it! https://www.ign.com/articles/2017/10/26/super-mario-odyssey-...

Explore huge 3D kingdoms filled with secrets and surprises
Thanks to his new friend, Cappy, Mario has brand new moves for you to master
A set of three new amiibo figures:Mario, Princess Peach and Bowser in their wedding outfits, will be released at launch
Mario's new friend, Cappy, lets you master new moves like cap throw, cap jump and capture
Unlock even more features with the exclusive new amiibo figures; Mario, Princess Peach and Bowser dressed in their wedding outfits

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • +9

    Good game. It's worth full price!

    • +6

      Agreed, I don't usually 100% games but I made sure to do it for this one.

      They really managed to capture that magic from playing Mario 64 all those years ago and turned it up to 11.

      Tight controls, interesting worlds to explore filled with heaps of secrets. It's so good!

      • +2

        Yeah I'm hoping for a Odyssey 2. So many Mario 64 flash backs playing!

    • +1

      Totally agree, it is one of the best games of all time.

  • -1

    $59 at Catch - $44 +$1 item for $45 with LatitudePay

    • +add $1 item no?

      • -1

        You are right. With all these $50 minimum or $60 minimum gets confusing

  • +2

    I’ll be your 1up girl

  • Thanks for this, I also got an additional $5 ‘courtesy credit’ so the total was $50 but I’m not sure what the credit was for.

  • +3

    Great price, essential for every Switch owner

  • New to the party. Just wonder any real benefit buying physical ones rather digital ones? I can see digital ones can be played without plugging game cards, which is so convenient for me as a PC player.

    • +4

      Physical items can be resold in the future, and most Nintendo titles tend to hold their price well.

      • True. I just beat Metroid Dread and it's doing well on auction since listing.

    • Digital is convenient since you don't need to lug around all your games or bother with switching cartridges. From what I've noticed digital versions are generally more expensive (especially at launch) which makes no sense to me. The only reason I buy the physical version is so that I can share games with friends and colleagues.

    • +1

      Physical cartridges don't use internal/microSD storage except for updates and save data - they run directly of the cartridge.
      If you buy only physical, you probably don't ever need to get a microSD.
      Physical tends to be cheaper for Nintendo first party titles and most AAA titles. Indie games are often cheaper through eShop
      Doesn't completely rely on Nintendo online services (long term consideration).
      Also I think the case and cartridge look cool and are part of the gaming experience but that's just my opinion

    • Physical games can be resold for more than rrp in the future. It's also true ownership, the eshop being closed won't affect you.

      I personally love digital, but Nintendo games are not digitally friendly based on historical evidence.

  • for a game they gave 10/10 I guess I must be the only one disappointed with it
    luigi mansion 3 was better

    • It's mixed reception by the mass. I really didn't like it either, only really started having fun when doing the players designed content.

    • I wasn't bowled over by it initially, but dusted it off recently when my middle child went to play it. If you burn through the main storyline its over pretty quickly, but it has a fair bit of replay value.

  • +5

    One of my all time favourite games. The sheer joy I had playing this game is unmatched. The music, the gameplay mechanics is just *chefs kiss. They just really know how to make games. Not a spoiler but the end level of New Donk City is just one massive love letter and will bring a smile to absolutely any Nintendo fan.

  • How many players is this game? New to Nintendo looking for games the kids can play together

    • +3

      I recommend playing this solo tbh co-op mode is kinda an afterthought, you can setup different playthroughs via the Switch account system.

    • +1

      You can play with two players - one to operate Mario and the other to operate the hat. Playing as the hat is less fun IMO. I see this role as something I would offer to someone younger or someone who isn't familiar with playing video games. But if you're both experienced players it's not so fun to be the hat.

    • +4

      Checkout Super Mario 3D World for a proper multiplayer Mario experience
      You can have up to 4 players with full control of each character
      Player 2 is the hat in Odyssey which is very limited

  • Is it just me that it is frustrating that this over 4 year old game is not like $20-$30? It would sell like hotcakes…

    • Nintendo don't significantly discount their own games unfortunately.

    • +5

      It sells like hotcakes at full price. >22 million copies and counting.

    • If the price stays at $50 then there is less guilt for the consumer buying at that price (As in, people won't hesitate in buying when it's new as they can back in Nintendo prices staying consistent), noone waits for Nintendo games at $20-$30 unless its the end of the life cycle, just buy it when it when you want it and enjoy it, if you feel you paid too much then sell it for $50 on Gummy or FB

  • -1

    Why would you buy this classic via digital is beyond me. Nintendo games hold their value. This game is in Top 10 mario games ever made. Such a great game, I think it's the best 3d Mario game ever made

    • +4

      Why would you buy this classic via digital is beyond me.

      Some people simply don't want the clutter of video game cases and risking game cards that can go missing in action ("holding value" means nothing when one of the kids lose the card).

      That said, I'm a "physical or GTFO" Switch collector….but I understand why digital is popular. I've had an XBox series X for 12 months and don't own a single physical game for it.

  • +2

    Price matched a bunch of games from Amazon at JB.
    After showing prime membership (not really sure why) she then matched 5 games for $59 each for zelda, smash, kart, metroid and mario delux . I then pulled out discount gift cards.
    Will claim TRS at Xmas.

    • Im sure when that goes through the end of day audit - they would of lost at least $20 on that sale knowing the wholesale prices and as nintendo doesnt give discounts at this time of year (most discounts nintendo give are through rebate only).. that sales person would have gotten a gotten an education lesson from the accounts manager on their next shift .. I know how i would feel if i was managing that store.

  • Odessey vs Super Mario Bros U Deluxe… which one would you recommend?

    • +4


      • oh… I just bought Super Mario Bros U Deluxe yesterday as I heard Odyssey is a bit difficult

        • +1

          Odyssey is not difficult at all

        • I have both. Either is a worthwhile purchase. My kids sunk an unholy amount of time into U. Unfortunately the multiplayer isnt great since you're always jumping on each others heads inadvertently.

    • Odessey but Cat Mario/bowsers fury is better than Mario Bros U deluxe

  • +2

    Thank you OP, another $50 down the drain :-)

  • -2

    Interesting promotion:

    Save 1% on Matt Moran Gin & Whisky when you purchase 1 or more Amazon AU offered by Amazon AU.

  • +1

    This, Zelda BOTW and Metroid Dread are my top 3 on the console.

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