Soundpeats H1's FW UPG

For anyone of those fellow members with the Soundpeats H1's.
Soundpeats have updated the mobile app, and it's now working with both the H1 and H1 premium's.
Previously it was only with the premiums.

In addition, there has been a FW UPG released in the past few days.
Flashing via the app required.

So far so fine with mine. Any other members wanting to give it a crack - knock yourself out!

if you are anything like me, you will prob want to use the EQ and tone down the treble on these. It can be a little aggressing and bright at times. Known result of the H1's and chipset used. Otherwise, for the dollar$, great bit of gear. Yet to test out the microphone. I've heard that it can be a little 'muffled' when i've used them on conference calls. I typically use my Sennheiser TWM2's for conf calls during the day.


(App still doesn't work with any other IE's as yet. I understand they are working on opening this up to other models in the near future).


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    Nice. Thanks for sharing. I need to replace some old crappy powerbeats & Airpods v1

    • No prob. I've been in touch with the factory team and looking at a few… how do I say… 'things'… :)

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